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Australian Guild looking for Members. (Schwartz Legends/Dark Schwartz) Satele Shan

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Australian Guild looking for Members. (Schwartz Legends/Dark Schwartz) Satele Shan

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01.24.2018 , 06:07 PM | #1
Swartz Legends/Dark Swartz – Satele Shan _ Australian Guild

We are an Australian based guild that works together. We currently run guild ops on Wednesday night and GF runs on other days as required. We are interested in forming more operations teams, Galactic Starfighter teams and PVP teams. We maintain our friendships through gaming and enjoy helping each other. We talk regularly on discord and spend a lot of time at night talking trash and having fun. That is what we at Swartz Legends/Dark Swartz is about. Playing games and building friendships is what were about.

We want you. We have friendly experienced officers.

If you are still interested here are some things to understand.

We don’t like drama, keep it at home not in the game.

In chat or on discord many things can be discussed, mostly in fun and trashy sometimes. We expect that YOU can handle this or not take things personally. Debates are good, but fun is better so keep it light. All points of views are appreciated.

We expect that members are able to level their character on their own. But prefer to play with groups.

We expect that members are not bothered by failure but are prepared to learn, play and experience difficult experiences together. By communication and education of content, classes and each other. We don’t want members to get pissy when things don’t go their way and rage quit, vent or be disruptive.

We will not kick your character from the guild if you are offline for a length of time. We understand you may be playing another game or that real life gets in the way. That’s fine. Or better let us know some of us might join you.

We expect members to donate to guild bank and guild growth. Invite people you play with online, tell people about us. Help us with credits and items. Trade with each other.

Finally we expect members to not steal from the guild or each other, lying or being deceitful is not tolerated and will result in being kicked from guild.

Swartz Legends/Dark Swartz offers.

Community, a growing guild and friends. And Laughs.
Access to all content. Flashpoints, Operations, Command Opps. PVE, PVP and were open to RP if that’s your bag,
We have Guild Banks, 5 %XP bonus. Members who play and craft together. Share in the wealth.
Discord with chat rooms and administrators.

What we want for the future.

Grow guild to full capacity. Complete all content. Guild HQ, Capital Ships and Planetary Ops. Multiple banks and wealth for our members.

Please consider us for your next guild if your looking for an Aussie guild or if you from abroad and looking for similar values. Please send me a message or mail in game if you wish to know more or if you would like to join. If you are an existing player in our guild but have not logged on for awhile it is very likely your character is still here but in Cryosleep. Jump on and have a chat.

We also accept members other than Australian. New Zealanders and others. Keep in mind we play from 1900 AEST.

Myself or one of our officer's are usualy on 1900 AEST on Either PUB or IMP side.

Or hop on Discord for a chat

Remember a GUILD is what YOU make it.

Swartz Legends (Republic) – GuildMaster – Ozzijesus
Officer – Serenitymor
Officer – Sh’teel
Officer - Surayya

Dark Swartz (Imperials) - Guildmaster – Morkilla
Officer – Steebrielle
Officer – Psychomia

May the Schwartz be with you.

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02.07.2018 , 07:10 AM | #2
Temporary Website added.
Babeeta 70 Sage/ Morkilla 70 Sniper/Gamblee 70 Sawbones/Ozzijesus 70 Medic
GuildMaster - Schwartz Legends/DarkSchwartz - Satele Shan.

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07.18.2018 , 10:04 PM | #3
Hi there i have been looking for an Australian guild for ages.
I would love to join i have not been on the Satele Shan server in ages so i would have to start some new toons haha more fun for me .

Love to join up if you guys are still active.

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08.17.2018 , 10:19 AM | #4
I'll have to lookout for you guys in game. I just returned to the game yesterday after a couple of years away. I'm kinda disoriented, finding changes in gameplay, all my alts on a new server and my old guild no longer exists.

It would be nice to hook up with an aussie guild. We used to have an awesome community on Gav Daragon which sadly died when that and the other aussie servers were closed.
Satele Shan Rep Alts - Nefash (heals), Tal-Hirron (tank), Delin (dps)
Satele Shan Imperial Alts - Terrill (heals), Rending (dps), Vermeesa (dps)
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12.29.2018 , 09:46 PM | #5
Aussie player here
Getting back into game after 2 years
Have dps heals and tanks
Looking to join
IGN stenax or rightis
HuntasnColectas Legacy - Acdc

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07.08.2019 , 04:48 PM | #6
Hey is this guild still up and running?