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1.2 Sorc Heals Thoughts?

Phlobon's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 10:48 AM | #191
Personally I don't feel sorc healing is broken at all, even in PVP and I am speaking strictly from my own experience firstly I will link my spec as it has been since I first started in the weekend beta passes for me this is cookie cutter.

The times I most notice a "struggle" is in random or pug pvp matches and its as stated in other posts its due to people not knowing what they are doing I have queued and gotten matches where tanks have asked flat out from the start who are the healers they then guard and mark us and those matches I can easily do 700k + healing. PUG matches at times I will be lucky to pull 300k +. (crazy to think you actually have to rely on your TEAM!)

Additionally I can still stun and run even a marauder you can stun and run its a matter of timing cooldowns etc and i'm sorry to say it but once the opposing team marks you if they are smart enough your doomed period the most I hope for is running in and getting down an AOE heal and a few hots before I die a glorius death.

When it comes to PVE the first day after the patch I had to adjust slightly but now i barely notice the health loss using consumption given the timing etc. I am glad people are either re-rolling or respeccing dps it means 2 things 1.) operations and pvp matches won't be overly saturated with sorc healers who do it strictly for the lulz im so OP i don't die and 2.) it leaves room for the people like myself who have loved sorc healing from day 1.
I still love my sorc healer, i still feel pretty OP I am not a casual player but also not hardcore I sit sort of in the grey area.

I will say this personally I find now healing for a sorc is more timing, the healing actually has a smoother feel to it I have to be a pre-emptive and proactive healer at the same time. To all the QQ'ers and naysayers about the changes it's unfortunate that you feel that way but so far the changes to consumption I feel were a step in the right direction.

Nyvan's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 04:22 PM | #192
I really like my sorcerer healer. I think for PvE its one of the best healers you can have. For really tough, mobile fights it can be a challenge to play (since i have to rely very heavily on my bubble, resurg, and dark heal - which are pretty tiny heals). I think the biggest difference for me since patch 1.2 is that I have to really pay attention to the stats on my gear now (alacrity is a big one). I have to say to people who hate the changes, but don't seem to know the names of thier abilites: "please don't play a character you don't understand"! Its really important to know every single one of your abilites and know how to utilize them for solo, group, flashpoint, and operation situations. I've realized that I really enjoy playing the sorc for duo and 4 man stuff - and love a good HM flashpoint every now and again. I think that people just love feeling OP and hate it when that gets taken away from them. But I don't need to be OP and I love that my BH and Op now get to use force lightening during a Heroic moment - that's pretty wicked for sure!

Nostrom's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 09:11 PM | #193
I'm full BM geared. PvP Sorc since beta, I loved War Zones and I only PvP in this game. My Sorc is not fun to play since 1.2.

No point talking about this. Bioware has had plenty of time to "fix" their double nerf mistake on Corruption Sorcs (it has nothing to do with consumption which is rarely used in PvP) and they have not. Maybe they will someday, but I'm not waiting around to find out. Too many other good games out there where I don't have to go from a great healer to someone who struggles in a War Zone just to keep himself alive against impossible odds. All in one patch. Overnight. The developers really screwed the pooch for pvp healing Sorcs in 1.2 and they will never, ever get another cent from me again. I vote with my dollars. (14 days left from the free month they gave me).

Struggling to stay alive is not what PvP healing is about. Healing in PvP is about keeping yourself up and healing your team. Helping my team win is what I have enjoyed in numerous MMOs for the past eight years. That is gone now in this game for my Sorc Class. I don't doubt that there are some outstanding players who can make the PvP Healing Sorc work. I just can't and I'm a fairly good player who knows how to prioritize, use all my abilities, key binds and mouse turns.

The developers caved in to the pew pew dpsers who were not good enough to kill us and the developers have no clue how fun pvp healing can be when the healer has a chance to fight and save his buddies. They hurt the game by hurting Sorcs. Now it's just a dps race instead of a synergistic blend of healing, dps and great teamwork.
I wish the best to those of you who stick this out and make it work. I just am too frustrated and when that happens, the game stops being fun.
SWTOR developers decided to kill PvP Healing Sorcs. CYA!