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Quit the "Alliance" Please??

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Quit the "Alliance" Please??

Obiwaffen's Avatar

04.24.2019 , 09:47 PM | #1
Hi i would be interested to know how many of you would like the option to quit the Alliance permanently? I myself found the KOTET/KOTFE experience very underwhelming and would really love the opportunity to either disband the Alliance or Resign as commander. Id like for my characters that played those two really nonsensical expansions to realize the error of their ways and get back to basics. I think im going to try posting this on a few different threads because if there isn't going to be an option to do any of the above im either going to be forced to delete roughly five toons or simply never play them again. If someone knows who i should be asking to make this happen please let me know. I have no wish to be rude but the KOTET/KOTFE expansions must have been made during a writers strike....

I find it almost rude to think that we are supposed to believe the content of those expansions...the total lack of plausibility behind the so called "Alliance" is just the tip of the iceberg.
I'm really hoping that im not the only one that finds this to be so.

Zeerastul's Avatar

04.24.2019 , 11:44 PM | #2
there is no option to quit the alliance you are the leader of the alliance and only the writers of this game will give us the option to quit the alliance. Wouldn't be surprised if we are the leader of the alliance for several more expansions. I for one quite enjoyed the expansions and the idea of the alliance, all of my characters have no problems with the alliance or leading the alliance

If you skip the expansions and get to lvl 70 and choose to go straight into Ossus, the game will automatically make the choices for your characters in the expansions as if you already did them from what I can see