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Patch 1.2.0a is BROKEN! Rerolled to pre-1.2

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Patch 1.2.0a is BROKEN! Rerolled to pre-1.2
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #391
Quote: Originally Posted by APhantasm View Post
Wrong stock ticker. Don't know why but it was changed from ERTS to EA. Apparently sometime back.

And apparently it is dropping. BW taking the server downs is not helping EA's stocks.
Actually the trend is increasing....

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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #392

People entered the black hole... never to be seen again?

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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #393
Quote: Originally Posted by Bisousbisous View Post
You shouldn't plan your day around playing a video game for 12 hours. Go outside.
You shouldn't plan your day around being outside for 12 hours. Go play a game!
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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #394
Quote: Originally Posted by Jummyjum View Post
I know the company line is that there's no ETA for coming back up. But is this something that's gonna take all afternoon? Or like could be up any minute? Just trying to plan my day here.

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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #395
does anyone even know what was supposed to be fixed/added in 1.2.0a?

there were no notes for it........
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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #396
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahkronn View Post
Yeah, I had the old bookmark. Corrected it faster than you could quote
Looking back at the quote I see your right. Must have changed it while the post window opened. LOL

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04.13.2012 , 09:19 AM | #397
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarblonde View Post
Honestly. Can you people whinnie anymore. One this game has better graphics then World of Warcraft, and DC Online. yes it has a few bugs. Yea someone screwed up today. Oh my god its the end of the world. This 1.2 is a big patch that oh wait we don't have to pay for like we would have in wow or dco. Legacy if you look into it good enough its a great thing. And pvp, everything they have done is better that alot of mmo out there. For real people stop your whinning and get over yourselves your only paying 15 a month for a great game over all. And all you can do is complain you don't have this or you don't have that, or this bug. Oh wait go to wow and worry about someone hacking your account and stealing everything from you and your guild, do you have to worry about that in this game so far no. I say thats better. And gold farmers do you see alot of that in this game no but you do in other mmo's. So honestly Stop your whinning.
Lol what are you talking about? Pay for patches? Yeah they are called monthly subs. And btw.. Wow puts out massive 3 dungeon, 2 raid patches with bug fixes and new tools halfway through every expansion and it cost 0 dollars to the sub.

I love people who are willing to pay for crap!

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04.13.2012 , 09:20 AM | #398
OMG its 17:20, get servers back!!!
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04.13.2012 , 09:20 AM | #399
lol funny
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04.13.2012 , 09:20 AM | #400
Ya, I played a few mmo's from vanilla and understand hiccups..... But to be penalized and not given free play time for our frustration is absurd because I don't have a Lvl 50 toon. I WOULD have one if my server population that I was placed on because my guild and I had our crap together since first wind of the launch crashed and I was forced to start over on a populated server. Yes I would have tferred if we were given an option but NO!!!! So, now I cancelled my subscript and sadly don't think I will renew for a year or so until this becomes free or fixed...

Sad panda here... I don't wanna be a panda.. make this better for all or lose us all bioware