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Star Wars and Real Life connections

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Star Wars and Real Life connections

AdharaKyleth's Avatar

05.05.2018 , 04:59 AM | #1
Now, I guess most of this is really obvious, but I guess I wanted to post a thread where everyone could share the connections.
The Greeks/Romans: Like how their is a Sith Emperor, and the Jedi and Dark councils. Also, all three of the Inq's names are Latin (based). Imperious is loosely translated as Empire (obviously), Occlus means eye (loosely translated, again) and Nox means night.
The American Ravulation: Especially in the OT. Small band of rebels with American accents fight the large empire with British. Republic=lots of American accents vs Empire=British
World War II: Tons of examples, but I can't remember them all, you know, the sith are racist, and Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial military is reminiscent of the Nazi government.
And, the Jedi and the Force have a lot to do with eastern religion.
Adhara Kyleth Teraalin Nyx Scatha

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05.16.2018 , 11:06 AM | #2
"Kaas" as in Dromund Kaas means ..cheese in the language spoken in Holland. LOL, Dromund Cheese!

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05.16.2018 , 01:36 PM | #3
Remember Lucas saying Richard Nixon was the main inspiration for Palpatine and the Vietnam War for the actual conflict in SW.