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Simplest Class?

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11.15.2020 , 07:38 PM | #1
Which is the easiest class to learn? the one that doesn't have a lot of mechanical thing you need to learn to be good?

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11.15.2020 , 07:56 PM | #2
Any idea if you'd prefer ranged or melee?

Ranged, maybe try a gunnery commando (arsenal merc)
Melee, either dps guardian (juggernaut) spec or concentration sent (fury mara). All are melee specs with no cool down less dots. They are all basically click buttons on cooldown (in the proper order of course lol)

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11.16.2020 , 03:55 AM | #3
definetly dot sniper and dot jugger.
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11.16.2020 , 06:47 AM | #4
Thanks all, I will give these a go and see how they feel

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11.25.2020 , 09:55 AM | #5
Deception Assassin / Infiltration Shadow
5 buttons rotation, lots of damage, amazing on target swap, amazing burst, amazing sustain.
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11.29.2020 , 10:48 PM | #6
Simplest Class: Virulence Sniper / Dirty Fighting 'Slinger. Priorities:
Pri: Corrosive Dart, Corrosive Grenade, Weakening Blast. **
Sec: Cull.
Tertiary: Takedown (proc)
AoE: Orbital Strike, Corrosive Dart + Corrosive Grenade, Suppressive Fire, Thermal Detonator.
* Cover only needed for Suppressive Fire
** If exploit weakness Tactical, the lethal shot is added.

Simplest Melee Class: Advanced Prototype Powertech / Tactics Vanguard
Pri: If 4 Energy Lodes, Energy Burst. Else...
Sec: If no bleed, Retractable Blade.
Tertiary: Rail Shot.
Quarternary: <<Re-proc Rail Shot>> Rocket Fist, Magnetic Burst, Shatter Slug
AoE: Deadly Onslaught, Shatter Slug, Flame Sweep
Tactical: Powerlode - Same Tactical for PvE & PvP

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11.29.2020 , 11:50 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
Any idea if you'd prefer ranged or melee?

Ranged, maybe try a gunnery commando (arsenal merc)
Melee, either dps guardian (juggernaut) spec or concentration sent (fury mara). All are melee specs with no cool down less dots. They are all basically click buttons on cooldown (in the proper order of course lol)
Used Imp names for ease.

Gunnery / Arsenal is simple until lv 60 where Tracer Missile dumps cd on Blazing Bolts. At that point, the player has to decide on the fly whether to either go for railshot + 5x Tracer Lock or heatseeker >>> blazing bolts combo, or what's available, repeatedly. Monitoring cooldowns on two combos + priming shot cd makes this spec not the simplest. This doesn't even account for the rest of the kit or the healing skills.

Fury / Conc is on the more complex end of melee.

First is 2 leaps. Force Charge is from 10m to 30m; Obliterate is from 0m to 10m.

Next the PC has to manage charging raging burst and force scream for their dps spike. Force Charge and Obliterate make the next raging burst auto crit. Force Crush and Berserk make raging burst free and do 15% more damage. However, force crush is tied to gravity vortex. Will you need that 6 sec CC immunity? Is the PC in a flashpoint or Op where the CC immunity is ignored? Berserk needs 30 Fury stacks: it's up only every 2 or 3 rotations. Which do you burn? Crush or Berserk? Now, you need Furious Strike for Furious Rage's 15% boost to raging burst. Do you have all three buffs for raging burst? Ready to go?

Additionally, Obliterate makes your next Force Scream generate force and do extra damage. Did the PC capitalize or forget part of their kit?

The game just highlights buttons, so Obliterate emblazons two ends of your quickbar. The PC must understand the class combos and make choices on the fly.

Mind you, i only discussed the jumps and raging burst. I haven't touched on the rest of the dps cycle, buffs, dcds, or utilities (dot clear eats a perk).

Mara is a good Class, but fury / conc is not a simple spec.

Funny, Veng Jugg / Vigi Jugg getting called simple? Let's take a crack at it. Vengeance Juggernaut is best thought of in Combos. Throw > Jump > Hew (if Warmonger Perk). Shatter / Impale / Hew (2 counts) > Force Scream (Auto Crit). Ravage > Shatter > Ravage. Ravage or Bleeds > Hew (Destroyer Discipline Trait). Notice something? Namely Ravage, shatter, and Hew are in multiple combos. What gets used when? You decide! Also Furious Power. Furious Power only buffs one attack. Which attack do you want it on? I recommend Hew or auto-Crit Force Scream.

Now let's talk bleeds. Impale, Force Scream, and Shatter all have 6 second Bleed that you have to manage in AoE pulls. Do you wait for all three then Slam, to spread? 6 sec is a very short time. Think 3 GCD + Abilities. Perhaps 2 bleeds, that's more common and realistic. Oops! Caught a dirty kick. Do i try to catch the spread last second or wait a couple rotations? Each bleed is only 645 internal damage per tick. Does the PC care? Does the PC just treat it as flavor text? That's Jugg Bleeds. Hemophilic Slash, lv 75 tactical, makes it a little better.

Now onto Anger Management. Charge, throw, sundering assault only build so much rage. After about 6-ish combos, your Jugg will starve for rage. How do you handle it? Vengeful Slam? Enrage? Force choke? Force Push > Force Charge? Mad Dash > Force Charge. This hiccup is placed there by planned development, even if PC plays perfectly. It's in the back of your mind. What's your plan?

What I'm trying to show is that each of these classes are full of skillbar, mandatory, conditional choices in addition to their flow.

To reiterate: to the best of my knowledge, AP Powertech / Viru Sniper (plus their Pub mirrors) are the simplest DPS classes to play.