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Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4

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Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.04.2012 , 02:24 PM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by NRVNQSR View Post
still no mention of the SGR content. You know you're rapidly running out of time to make the "This year" promised deadline.
What promised deadline? Do you have a link for that?

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09.04.2012 , 02:26 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by HendrixCoyote View Post
Indeed there are 16 PVP planets in this game, with thousands voice acted stories to level in PVP with many PVP items that you can get as you easily level in PVP while you are eating your CHEESYBURGER, while there is only 1 PVE world, where everybody is PVPing anyway, and a couple of PVE warzones, where you poor PVEer carebears can level your few PVE equipment.

when i said gameplay i meant the manner in which the game executes functions after attaempting to enable some ability. I did not mean the plot, storyline, sandbox, themepark etc.

sorry for the confusion.

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09.04.2012 , 02:26 PM | #123
The resolve change is terrible without a full resolve bar actually breaking the current CC. all this change means is I will spend longer controlled.

There needs to be a break on % damage received so I don't die in 1-2 stun durations.
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09.04.2012 , 02:26 PM | #124
I don't think dev's actually read the feedback... here's a test:

Devs, if you read the threads where you ask for discussion just say "yes we do" or something along those lines.

If you don't, I'm gonna shoot a jawa, steal his faulty protocol droids and kick the huttball, and ransom satele shan for 1billion credits. How would I get satele you ask? Use new stealth abilities to sneak up and put force shackles on her, then have vanguards stand at 4m ready to roll her face until you pay up.
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09.04.2012 , 02:27 PM | #125
So we make an abillity we have to use on the tank Kolto Missle , stun enemies for 3 seconds . With all the kiting involved I hope there is a boss immunity to this .

Where is our Kolto Missle and whatever the agent AOE equivelant is hits 8 targets instead of 4 like the sorcs does ?
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09.04.2012 , 02:28 PM | #126
After reading the blog, I can say that I'm glad Bioware are trying to making improvements. The resolve changes were long overdue and I'm glad they are acting to fix the problem assuming it functions the way you guys (Bioware) intends for it to work.

The class changes were quite interesting as well.

Mercs / Commandos are getting a well deserved and much needed buff. They were the only class without an interrupt which was quite unfair. I'm glad that Bioware is buffing the dps trees to make Mercs/ Commandos more viable giving them more kiting capabilities increasing their survival; immbolizations etc.

The Sorcerer buffs are intriguing (my main). The force speed reduced CD is great and all but this this vastly increases our survivability ten fold being able to kite even better then we can now. Honestly, I don't think it was needed it. The instant heal is something we've never quite had (resurgence purpose is only to enhance other abilities). A 30 second CD is reasonable I guess because it's not something I believe we need. FADEOUT- now this talent is a GIFT FROM GOD. Being rooted when you force speed not being able to widen the gap between you and your attacker / attackers to escape can easily and most likely result in your doom lol. This prevents carnage marauders ravage, snipers knock back and leg shot, and Lightning Sorcs knock back (it could be a few others I'm forgetting). This move is amazing but ALSO having a 20 second force speed CD is having WAY too much mobility IMO. The 10 yard electrocute nerf sucks imo. We are a ranged class and if our interrupt jolt can reach a target, so should our electrocute. I can't say much about polarity shift because that doesn't change the state of sorc dps. Backlash will be annoying. For the people complaining about the knockback, it's NOT hard to KEYBOARD turn. With all these classes having a 360 AOE knockback unintentionally making good plays was whack. Turn around to knock back, it's not difficult.

So far, overall I like the direction Bioware is trying to go in. They are actually trying to fix some class balance issues which I like. I can't wait to see all the other class changes. For all the people that are complaining about PTs / Vanguards, hold your panties. This is only the 1st blog not official patch notes.

This is a good step for Bioware but I hope the next step after 1.4 is to improve the hero engine so it can allow us to have some world pvp; design a nice system with good world pvp incentives and some type of arena system; maybe 5 v 5 or some other bg ranking system that requires less then 8 ppl to do an organized.
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09.04.2012 , 02:28 PM | #127
Firstly, I would like to applaud the BW Devs for taking a better reasoned approach to bringing balance to classes. Instead of swinging the nerfbat, they are buffing classes to make them more effective in the gameplay environment. I'm very, very happy to see this and it gives me hope for the development future of PvP in this game.

Secondly, it's awesome to finally see BW working to tighten Resolve and clean up the CC in the game.

Thirdly, I'm not in agreement with some of the changes to Stealth. The proposed changes to Stealth are a bit too wide. We need less Stealth in this game, not more. The frequent use of Stealth should be the exclusive province of a few ACs, not entire Classes.

Here are my thoughts on the changes. Please note that I come from a PvP-centric viewpoint so my thoughts pertain more to that gameplay style:

In Game Update 1.4, we’ve made adjustments to the range of control abilities under a new philosophy. We want control to be something more readable, more predictable, and less chaotic in effect.
As stated above, this is truly awesome. /applaud

And judging by the specific ability changes that are going through, it seems the goal is to really shorten the range of most hard stuns so that they are only used in situations where a player is at risk. I think this is an excellent starting point, but it is just a starting point.

Overload and Force Wave have been redesigned. These abilities now knock back all targets within a 15-meter 120-degree cone in front of you. Furthermore, these abilities now knock back all potential targets instantly; they no longer wait for an animation note at the end of the ability animation.
The instant knockback is truly awesome. As a player with a Shadow main, I thank you for this change. I also agree that the current knockbacks in live are a bit overpowered in their effect. The cone change makes perfect sense in reigning in the overall impact of the ability.

We’ve adjusted the gain logic of Resolve such that simultaneous and overlapping control effects no longer linearly add together their Resolve gain values.
This is a good change, but really only impacts CC users, not recipients.

In fact, none of the proposed Resolve changes really impact the CC recipient in a favorable way, i.e. no increased decay time duration, no reduced cooldown on our CC breakers, no adding of Root/Snare effects to Resolve. These are the main issues with Resolve at the current time, and none are addressed by the changes in this diary.

Now the changes listed are better than nothing, but they seem exceedingly minor from what is really needed to make the combat more fluid and less frustrating.

Mercenaries and Commandos now have a 30-meter interrupt, Disabling Shot
This was absolutely necessary. Good addition.

Tracer Lock/Charged Barrel: Now each stack additionally reduces the activation time of your next Healing Scan/Advanced Medical Probe by 20% per stack.

Kolto Residue: Now additionally snares enemies struck by your Kolto Missile/Kolto Bomb by 50% for 3 seconds.

New Bodyguard/Combat Medic skill, Peacekeeper/Frontline Medic: While protected by your own Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe, firing Rapid Shots/Hammer Shot at an enemy triggers your Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe to heal you on a separate 3-second rate limit.
The changes above are a bit strange in my opinion. Mercs/Commandos needed some love, but the ACs that needed attention were the DPS classes, not the Healers. Merc/Commando Healers are fine imo, and the changes above may make them over the top.

Meanwhile, the DPS ACs are still swinging in the wind.

Force Speed now has a 20-second cooldown (down from 30) for all Consulars and Inquisitors.
I think this is okay for Sorc/Sage Healers, however, will this change also impact all Sorcs/Sages regardless of spec? Thanks to skill points in Elusiveness, my Shadow's Force Speed is already 20s. Will it now be reduced to 10s? That's ridiculous and overpowered if that is the case and not a good change.

If you are trying to aid the survivability of Sorcs/Sages, which I think is necessary, then this option should only be available when speccing for heals.

Polarity Shift/Mental Alacrity now additionally grants immunity to interrupts for the duration.
This looks like a good change. One of the main detracting factors to a Sorc/Sage Healer is their constant casting that is apparent to all. This change appears to offset that negative in a fair way.

Disappearing Act/Cloaking Screen now has a 2-minute cooldown.

Force Cloak now has a 2 minute cooldown.
I always thought it was strange that my Marauder possessed a stealth ability with a shorter cooldown than my Scrapper whose very survivability and gameplay depend on Stealth. So in that regard, I think the change is good.

However, I do not agree with shortening the cooldown for all Shadow/Assassin and Scoundrel/Operative ACs. There is already far too much Stealth in this game. There needs to be less, not more. At the same time, I do understand that Infiltration/Deception/Scrapper/Concealment specs depend on Stealth for survival and surprise. Those are the only specs that need this change, therefore it should be AC dependent.

My Shadow Tank does not need this change. In fact, I think my Shadow tank should only have Stealth available out of combat due to the inherent versatility and nature of the spec as of now, but that's an argument for another time.

Point being, only give Stealth to the classes that need it to survive. Balancing stealth in PvP, in this game or any game for that matter, is hard enough as it is. The proposed change above is far too wide in its application, and will result in an imbalance of Stealth classes in PvP.
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09.04.2012 , 02:29 PM | #128
Quote: Originally Posted by ProphetX View Post
So we make an abillity we have to use on the tank Kolto Missle , stun enemies for 3 seconds . With all the kiting involved I hope there is a boss immunity to this .

Where is our Kolto Missle and whatever the agent AOE equivelant is hits 8 targets instead of 4 like the sorcs does ?
please point out ONE boss in this game that is effected by snare.
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09.04.2012 , 02:29 PM | #129
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Nala View Post
What promised deadline? Do you have a link for that?
why yes I do!

at 21 minutes in.

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09.04.2012 , 02:36 PM | #130
Quote: Originally Posted by frizbee View Post
Why do developers let PVP mess up PVE?
Why do PVE players even sub up when they can play neverwinter nights?
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