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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland) Tips

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland) Tips

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09.22.2019 , 12:21 AM | #1
Goooood evening everyone!

After a two year break and a new account to refresh my Old Republic experience, I am back.

So, just got back from Disneyland and explored the Edge for a good portion of my vacation and have things to tell y'all;

1. Cantina; Make reservations two weeks in advance, great rest/hangout spot. Evening has great music and the food/drinks are awesome.
2. Droid factory; Walk-in or reservation. $100 for build and then extra for many many accessories including add-ons (tools, trays, interaction chips that change the way the droid acts)... Great for if you love droids, but just really didn't hit my fancy this trip, maybe next time.
3. Lightsaber build; Reservation only for $200. The experience is incredible! Well worth it. You choose a class (Force Styles; Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature or Protection and Defense). Inside you choose a kyber crystal; Red, Blue, green or purple. Then you build! Tips; go to the lightsaber shop after build to purchase a belt clip, different colors of kyber (I got yellow!!!!) and sith/jedi holocrons that interact with the different color kybers.
4. Falcon ride; lots of interaction and the more you get into it the better it is. You get to be either a pilot, gunner or engineer. Picked at random by cast members (You can talk to your group to change if you want). I thought it was perfect.
5. First order troopers will interact with you and Chewie/Rey will too while they walk around. There are also cast members that will play Sabacc with you. Download the disney play app and you can interact with so much in the area to make it move and do random things depending on what it is...example; Make clone wars droids yell "Roger Roger" that are locked in a cage.
6. Hidden area in the top left corner of the park with x-wing and a-wing and an anti-air turret.

All in all, super awesome, noticed some stuff that was wrong (Falcon ride lasers were wrong when fired) but thats just me being extra nerdy. Lastly, interact with cast members and they will talk to you in their languages. Fun stuff.


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10.05.2019 , 08:10 AM | #2
Seems like both CA and FL parks are pretty empty:

Don't understand why. $300 per light saber build seems like a bargain.
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10.16.2019 , 12:03 PM | #3
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