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Forum Welcome, Info, and Guidelines

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Forum Welcome, Info, and Guidelines

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12.12.2011 , 09:40 AM | #1
Welcome to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Community! We hope you enjoy your stay with us! Here is some information to get you started as a community member:

About the Game
To learn more about the game, we encourage you to explore the website. To get started, check out the Game Overview. For more detailed information about the game, make sure to visit the Holonet - it has information on Classes, Planets, and more!

The Developer Tracker
To view posts from developers, visit the Developer Tracker! It keeps track of posts made by BioWare developers, and by frequenting it, you'll always know the latest news and information!

Server Status and System Alerts
In the event of unscheduled downtime or other service interruptions, please check the Server Status Page to view the status of your server. The System Alerts Page, which tracks alerts that are also visible in the game launcher, will provide you with more detailed information.

Contributing to the Forums
Before making posts in the forums, please consider the following:
  • Does your post contribute constructively to the topic at hand?
  • Has it been posted before? Please use search to find threads on your topic!
  • Is it in the right place? Each forum has a specific topic - make sure your thread fits!

The Newcomers Section
Please feel free to introduce yourself to the community in the Introductions forum! Our community members are very helpful, so if you have basic questions about the the game, please visit the [LINK PENDING]New Player Help[/url] forum to ask.

The Rules
Make sure you have read the Rules of Conduct. The rules are taken very seriously, and repeated violations will result in moderation actions (even bans from the forums). Please make sure to read the rules entirely. Here are some basic guidelines:
  • Always be polite to other members, even if they disagree with you (we meant it!)
  • Stay on topic in threads and be constructive, civil, and courteous
  • If someone else is breaking the rules, us the flag feature to report the post - don't respond to them!
  • Do not spam (especially do not spam to recruit for your guild) or bump threads
  • Political, religious, or sexual discussions are not permitted
  • Posting pornographic content, hate speech, or other offensive content will result in a ban

If you violate the Rules of Conduct, you may receive warnings or infractions.

Warnings are reminders - they do not add any points toward a suspension or a ban. Warnings are meant to educate community members about the rules. If you continue to violate the rules after receiving a warning, you will receive infractions, which will add points to your account. When you receive enough infractions, you will be temporarily suspended or permanently banned from the forums, at the discretion of our Community Team.

Social Networks
If you're interested in getting Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ updates on your favorite social network, please follow us on twitter like us on Facebook! You can also subscribe and see our videos on YouTube!