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Sith Sorcerer Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

FlameYOL's Avatar

08.01.2019 , 08:34 AM | #61
Sorcerer seems to be really underwhelming as far as the Madness spec is concerned. The set bonuses don't do that much in regards to helping the spec and the tactical aren't that useful, Volt Rush also needs a buff as others have mentioned.
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iEarl_ololo's Avatar

08.01.2019 , 06:55 PM | #62
Only for sorcerer healer.
Dont forget to add some sort of passive ability "Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5sec".
Without it the rotation really looks stupid, not to mention about force management.
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ottffsse's Avatar

08.01.2019 , 11:34 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Sorcerer seems to be really underwhelming as far as the Madness spec is concerned. The set bonuses don't do that much in regards to helping the spec and the tactical aren't that useful, Volt Rush also needs a buff as others have mentioned.
Yeah Tempest of Rho even after buff still is very lackluster - I think because creeping terror dots and dots in general do not hit so hard like lightning strikes/bolts etc so these tacticals are less strong than the lightning ones and it is still too much of an rng thing and madness is in a state where it need solid constant buffs to keep afloat and not rng. And pn the other tactical -Mystic Blade the demolish unfortunately is not the best ability to refresh Force Leech. It should be instead "under polarity shift force lightning resets cooldown of force leech ...etc". Demolish is typically always used prior to force leech rotationally , because it is of higher priority - so we do not want to delay it under polarity shift just to get off a force leech beforehand and reset - again a dps loss and pointless if we delay it. So just make force lightning that ability...we can then exchange 1x lightning strike in polarity shift window for 1x extra force leech instead - that would make that tactical much better.

But honestly after tests I think the dots just need to be buffed slightly up again as well. - What is unfortunate is I do not feel a ramp up in dps anymore during the sub 30% health "burn" window at all - madness / hatred I think should be the two dot specs where their dps significantly ramps up in the burn - that could be their class signature and in 5.x at least I felt there was a bit of an increase in the dps as the dummy or boss went bellow 30% - that would be a strong and unique selling point of these two dot specs.

Anyways I feel you guys nailed lightning and I am excited to play. Sure the fact that Volt Rush is currently not doing much of anything for us is somewhat disturbing but the tacticals for Sorc Lightning are great.

Summery of Thoughts for Madness Tacticals/ Bonuses
(these bonuses can be linked to both their armor set / and or tacticals - but I feel they need them)

-Tempest of Rho: - it is better now but any way to ramp up damage even more when a target's hp is bellow 30% (ie. dots start to tick harder) would be appreciated
-Mystic Blade/ Demolish Tactical: - refresh on Leech should be linked to Force Lightning / actually the overall buff can be linked to Force Lightning instead of Demolish.
->I know demolish is cooler but FL is more practical when it comes to "enabling" any proc for madness sorc as it is more flexible in the rotation that way.
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08.02.2019 , 12:26 PM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by iEarl_ololo View Post
Only for sorcerer healer.
Dont forget to add some sort of passive ability "Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5sec".
Without it the rotation really looks stupid, not to mention about force management.
Finished my phase one group achievement today on my healing Sorc. It's weird being back at the start of the gearing cycle and without all those passive Legacy buffs. I can feel the difference. Most of all I miss the old 6-piece bonus. It really allows Healing Trance/Innervate to mesh with the other abilities, and on the PTS healings feels gappy now as I wait for it or Wandering Mend to come off cooldown. Fewer Trances (and no 4 piece bonus) also negatively affects my regen, so it'll be something I really need to keep on top of. The new 6 piece set bonus is pretty lackluster, buffing one of my least used heals and it honestly seems to reward bad play. I've been playing with the same set bonuses for years and that Healing Trance cooldown reduction feels essential to me now, to the point where I'd argue it should be baseline for the class.

Oh, to clarify, the set in question I tested earlier this week was the Empowered Restorers. I switched to the Revitalized Mystic this weekend, and it's better, but not particularly interesting. Right now I'm more bummed about what I'm go lose than what is waiting for me in the new sets and tacticals.

Nelsitokiller's Avatar

08.02.2019 , 04:06 PM | #65
So new 4 piece of Gathering Storm, it does exactly what Surging speed does, but the set bonus is broken, it doesnt do anything, doesnt lower any CD, took off Surging speed to test if they stacks but turns out set bonus part doesnt work at all.

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JediMasterAlex's Avatar

08.02.2019 , 05:43 PM | #66
I just played 5 warzones on a madness sorc on pts. I went for tier 1 alacrity, 0 accuracy, and the rest in crit. I used the tempest of rho tactical. The other one that instant procs force leech has too many moving parts to reliably use in pvp, in my opinion. I also used the Dire Retaliation 4 piece set bonus (the overload one) and one of the 2 piece ones that gives +2% power, because I think the alacrity +2% is broken.

Anyway, my tentative conclusion is what many, including me, already suspected. Madness sorcs are going to be terrible in pvp in 6.0. Much worse than now, where they are merely below average. Madness's advantage over lightning currently is that given enough uptime, madness has higher dps potential. Now that doesn't even appear to be true. Madness and lightning seem to do about the same damage, with lightning possibly doing even more now, and lightning has far, far greater survivability. There's simply no reason to play madness in pvp in 6.0. I don't have a huge issue respeccing to lightning, but it's still a shame that madness will be worthless.

Darkrebellord's Avatar

08.03.2019 , 08:59 AM | #67
Madness damage is too weak up against group of enemies level 75 on ossus up against level 70 group of 4 enemies and they are taking my sith sorcerer madness damage health almost two blows,

Gear wish looks good but augments, relics, implant and ear device is a bit confusing due to them being almost alike,

The combat proficiencies screen setup correct.

Still do not know why your putting boots, ear, and head enhancement on sith sorcerer as alacrity when they used to be critical and power respectfully.

Since Alacrity has been add to madness damage it reduced the ability to maintain the characters health now its a dam struggle trying to heal yourself to stay alive even in simple fight with non gold star enemies and during pvp warzones.

Inventory does need overall for holding more gear piece like chest, gloves etc. or at least allow the outfits gear to be stack like skill crew up to 20 per piece you can decide what to keep or sell.

Want to me a suggestion too on in game credit,

How about making if your subscriber with 20 cartel credit you can purchases once a month 1 million credits from the cartel market over a 12 months. you can earn the 20 cartel credits from special missions such as entering 2 master flash point, 5 warzone matches, 5 veteran flashpoints, assisting 6 other gamers with missions and grouping for 20 dailies such as 3 per planet where dailies contents is located.

Prefer get 15 cartel credits and get access to 750,000 in game credits, completely similar amount of game contents.
free players get access to 10 cartel credits and access to 400,000 credits per month for completing similar amount of contents.

It can not be stacked or accumulated per month you must use the 20 cartel credits to purchase the credits immediately as you earn them for that month. the credits too much be used over that month before you can access the next months cartel credits or a cut off date example 2nd of each month. prefer and free to play account holders will be allowed access to the credit either if they already have reach there cap by special inventory reward credit.

which is separate from in-credit you collect from other missions and contents you sell.

ottffsse's Avatar

08.03.2019 , 11:34 AM | #68
master mode chapter 2 kotet1 / monolith fight played aggressively - madness, I was in 302 gear? - just bellow the 306 cap

Master Mode Chapters seem above right to me - but equipped gear at around 300 rating seems about right for them
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08.03.2019 , 05:02 PM | #69
Some feedback on the tacticals for healing Sorcs:

At the moment, the one that gives Roaming Mend an extra bounce seems to be the only really good one. Both of the ones that increase/decrease healing done by Revivification based on the number of targets it's affecting feel way too weak. I tested it with my guildies on the fleet and in full 306 the healed HP only went up/down by ~30 per tick for each person added or removed, which is nothing when people have 100k+ health.

Maybe the one that increases healing when there are more targets could potentially be useful in a really AoE heavy operations fight, but the one that increases healing the fewer targets there are seems pointless. Even with only a single person in the circle it's basically a waste of Force because using any other ability on them would heal them more for less.
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Sarova's Avatar

08.05.2019 , 09:53 AM | #70
Finally decided to get on the PTS to see how Lightning Sorcerer is going to be affected, since that's my main. I'm testing as a solo player. Lightning in normal play has been a frequently mentioned disaster one-on-one DPS-wise since 5.0 (especially in PvP), however, what lightning does have going for it in live right now is survive-ability (very useful in regular PvP, world boss fights and harder solo content) and decent AoE. On the PTS my excellent survive-ability is gone and I can't work out exactly why. In normal game-play, I usually have my companion on DPS because I rarely lose health. It's only places like Ossus and Dantooine where I have my companion set to heal.

I tried doing various heroics with my boosted level 75 on the PTS and the speed of my health loss was embarrassing. Not even Unnatural Preservation was much use. I deliberately took utilities on my PTS Sorc that matched my main - mostly the health increase and damage reduction ones, however they seem to have no effect. My companion can barely keep me or him/herself alive - I have to frequently self-heal & companion heal which is a pain in the arse. Even after upping a couple of PTS companions' influence to level 20 was struggling to manage to keep my health up against strong/elite mobs on lowbie planets. This made game-play frustrating rather than fun. I'm not sure what the increased damage taking is related to. Is it legacy related? Is it gear/stat related? Is it companion related? Have the utilities strengths been lowered? I just don't know. Someone good with the training dummies/stat comparison/math may be able to work out why.

What I do know is that I would have preferred to have been able to copy my main across to the DPS complete with companions and legacy to get a good comparison (I only ever use level 50 companions on my main and all of my alts so this might be part of the issue).

Set Bonus
I chose the Endless Offensive set for my lightning sorcerer and the increased alacrity (+2%) is noticeable - I was pleased with this effect, however the +2% crit seems to be non-existent.

Utilities have been stuffed into 3 categories rather than 4. Nothing new at all; I was really hoping for an additional tier.

New Ability: - Volt Rush
Quote: Originally Posted by raxantano View Post
I only see me using volt rush if I take the tactical where it turns it into another chain lightning. It seems really underwhelming.
Agreed; my first thought on using Volt Rush was "MEH". Unless you take the tactical item "Elemental Convention" (which makes Chain Lightning give you "Volt Flux" causing your next Volt Rush to arc to multiple targets), Volt Rush is less than useless. It's damage is pitiful and as a soloer before I equipped the tactical item "Elemental Convention" I took Volt Rush off my ability bar and decided to forget it existed.

Tactical Items
I tried:
Endless Barrier - worthless to me since force barrier's deionize effect doesn't last that long and when I needed to use Unnatural Preservation, the deionize debuff was already gone.
Stormwatch - I found it too "fiddley" to include in a rotation as a solo player. I can see it might be useful raiders/master-mode groupers or for solo players the longer world boss fights.
Elemental Convention - I have this currently equipped. The chain lightning effect works well, so I can see using this in live, however the "Volt Rush triggers lightning storm" effect I did not see any evidence of.

I'm really struggling to see how they can make any major changes/improvements or add new tactical items based on our feedback in such a short timescale. I suspect changes might be made during live once many more get a chance to use the items in real-world gameplay as has been the case in the past.
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