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IsHK-55 Lost to us forever?

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IsHK-55 Lost to us forever?

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09.19.2016 , 01:09 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by jauvtus View Post
Not to mention BW would break his own Terms and Conditions, therefore could face a lawsuit, just because you want something shiny that others have.
This is a complete lie. Bioware is free to change it's terms and conditions any time they want. Legally all they need to do is inform you in advance, and make you click on the "I agree to the new terms" that you probably won't even read before letting you sign in again.

Quote: Originally Posted by DeltaaXx View Post
If you want an HK unit, go to section X and do 51's questline. Same character basically (and looks much nicer imo) plus the questline is fun and interesting.
It's not the same, either in personality or mechanics. 51 is a terrible tank (and not even the best DPS anymore since losing Assassinate) and both have completely different lines and dialogue.

Also, in describing the mission to get 51 you forgot to mention "soul-breakingly tedious".

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09.19.2016 , 04:31 PM | #22
I agree with tedious but need a better phrase that soul killing

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09.19.2016 , 06:48 PM | #23
Zanya is pretty much utilizing sound reasoning here to be honest.

What people don't understand about MMORPGS is that making the general populace happier makes the game healthier, financially and in terms of it's community. Hk-55 being restricted to just subs may bring in some money for a short period of time, but it's very clearly not good for the community health (simply look at the many threads on the subject to discover that yourself).

It can further be very easily argued that we have no good reason to believe that HK-55 being exclusive to subs makes the company more money than it being available in the Cartel Market a few months after it is rewarded to subs. You would lose a few of those subs but gain an absolutely IMMENSE amount of Cartel Coin purchases (which to be fair, some will come from sources such as security keys/referrals, but certainly not all and probably not even most).

I think, therefore, the game is likely much more healthy in the long run having CONTENT such as a companions/story not be exclusive to limited time offers. That's just pretty much undeniable if you apply sound reasoning to the situation.

The only question, then, is CAN Bioware do it? Firstly, yes, they can. Bioware is free to change the terms and conditions for their products as they wish. This is *especially* true considering, from what I've read, Bioware never says it's FOREVER exclusive to these subscribers. Take the following sentence as an example:

"This Sony Playstation 4 giveaway is exclusive only to people who sign up for the Sony weekly Newsletter"

Does this imply Sony Playstations can only be received via this giveaway? Not necessarily. I haven't seen any explicit (and yes, it MUST be explicit to be legally the case) statements that this content is FOREVER exclusive only to people who subscribe during this SPECIFIC giveaway. I'm open to correction of course, but the wording used in the terms of service does not imply absolute unending exclusivity, but is instead neutral in regards to if it's exclusive just for the immediate future or for forever (and again, in legal terms, it must be EXPLICIT or it's legally NEUTRAL).
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09.19.2016 , 08:08 PM | #24
Or just stay subbed so semantics like these don't occur. I'm no paragon of we or bioware just like their products but the rules were there don't Subb during x time deal with it. Without rules we have anarchy.

They are damned if they do or don't and it sounds easier to just keep the pace. If the game is losing players tough ish everything comes to a end.

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09.19.2016 , 08:34 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by BobTheTeepo View Post
I think, therefore, the game is likely much more healthy in the long run having CONTENT such as a companions/story not be exclusive to limited time offers.
Bingo. Especially when it's actually good content.

Quote: Originally Posted by cardmonkey View Post
Or just stay subbed so semantics like these don't occur. .
That's not realistic for everyone. Some people have billing issues. I had like three happen in that time frame that I finally have completely fixed and if I didn't have it set to bill me every three months instead of one I'd have lost out. Stuff just happens, and saying "tough turkey" to the people it happens to doesn't make for a happy customer-base.

Also, this does nothing to address people who just hadn't been playing the game that early.
"Hey, welcome to the game! Glad to have you as a customer! Oh, that stuff over there that everybody is raving about? Sorry, you didn't join us early enough so you're screwed. I mean, we appreciate you finding our game, just not that much. Be sure to spend lots of money in the cartel market though!"

You can't expect to draw in new customers and then gate them off from the fun parts.

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09.19.2016 , 11:17 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by HaltHammerzeit View Post
I missed out on seeing The Who live last time they played my home town. They should respect their customers and come back just for me.
See, the thing about an argument like this, is The Who is a physical band that has to physically travel around to do touring. They can't be in two places at once, so they have set tour dates and pay for physical venues and sell tickets for those venues.

All of this stuff here... it's virtual. Stuff like this HK thing could probably be put somewhere else in the game, or heck, handed out to everybody, with the click of a button. Not saying it should be handed out... that would be over the top. But the point is, the kind of barrier you're talking about doesn't exist. The Who no doubt has merchandise for people like you... they're called CDs. You still get to enjoy their music and it's high quality recording too.

A more accurate comparison would be if The Who had an album that they released for about a month and then if you missed the album, not only is your chance to purchase it gone, but it's pulled from all shelves and bootlegged copies are magically destroyed, such that only the people around for that period can get it.

Making an "experience" exclusive (e.g. a live show) is a really cool thing and it's memorable. Making a virtual, vanity item exclusive in a video game can be a valuable thing in terms of marketing (I'm not saying it's always stupid), but it's just not comparable to a live music show. Heck, to even further illustrate what's wrong with the comparison... if The Who is still touring, you could technically go to another town to catch a show in that town. The only way you're out for good is if you missed the last time they will ever tour.
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09.20.2016 , 12:45 AM | #28
I fail to understand how can a one-time purchase make more money in the long run than the subs? HK-55 was destroyed, that's the end of it. Subs got rewarded for their loyalty with reaquiring him
Subs that span over months, years make more money than a one-time purchase
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09.20.2016 , 11:43 AM | #29
All this could been avoided if the people just subbed instead of binging

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09.20.2016 , 01:24 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by cardmonkey View Post
All this could been avoided if the people just subbed instead of binging
Or, they pay attention to "this is a limited time thing" announcement.
And, sometimes, it just sucks to miss something that was time limited due to RL. If RL was perfect, it'd be heaven, and humanity isn't set up well for that existence.