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6/6 healer set bonus seems lackluster...

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6/6 healer set bonus seems lackluster...

Benirons's Avatar

04.23.2019 , 11:00 AM | #1

I dunno about u, but i dont really benefit from a very tiny cd reduction on an ability that has NO CD WHEN IT MATTERS.

At the very least the set should affect healing scan during supercharge as well, such as further reduce the heat it generates by a few points. Or just replace the six set entirely by reducing the CD of emergency scan by a decent amount (so that healing and emergency scan have close to the same CD, that would be really nice...).

Sorc healer 6/6 set is amasing for innervate. Not much of an operative healer myself, but 3 secs off of recuperative nano tech sounds golden since it gives 3% healing buff to 4 peeps.

Come now, im sure merc healer set could get a bit of love by getting a more relevant 6 piece bonus.

SlimPikinz's Avatar

04.23.2019 , 03:54 PM | #2
It may sound stupid but when I was running my Merc in healing spec for PVP, I actually used the DPS 4 piece bonus just to get the cooldown reduction on Energy Shield. That extra 15 seconds made it feel like it was always ready to use if you specced into all 3 shield talents on tier 3 and you pretty much became unkillable.

I wish the set bonuses weren't tied to spec but to base abilities available to all specs that way switching specs doesn't require a whole other set of gear.