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Weather and day night cycle on all Planets

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Weather and day night cycle on all Planets

ThaadJarvis's Avatar

05.02.2014 , 01:44 PM | #41
I personally think that Tatooine could have a night cycle that spans one or two real days of the week to show the long orbits that scorched it's surface, I mean episode 2 Anakin found his mother at night and I remember it being quite spooky with the sand people out there - the game Red Faction Guerrilla had tusken raider like people called marauders that went together with the night backdrop perfectly and did not appear on your radar.

Just saying maybe one day of the week like every Saturday could be night to make leveling Tatooine a bit more seemingly dangerous. Think of Taris on empire regardless of level the danger level to our senses can seem greater than the Republic day variant. Not all planet need cycles but this would be cool and appreciated by many leveling alts on weekends. Hoth snowstorms (think ilum aim datacron area) could be a high end PC feature since lag etc...

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05.02.2014 , 03:09 PM | #42
WOW holy 2 year necor!!!!

this horse was glue 2 years ago.

game is a themepark with snapshots in time, end of story.

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05.03.2014 , 05:49 PM | #43
this is a really good idea. one of the things i like about rift is that they have this feature.... plus the graphics there are incredible and the game runs at like 60fps with settings on full while this one has average graphics for and barely runs at 20fps (and still uses at most 20-30% of my gpu power) and in 16m ops it can crawl to a mere 5fps at times... but i digress... add some weather! pretty please

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05.30.2014 , 08:54 AM | #44
After 2 years of playing this game I honestly wish there was night/day cycles.

simply because while the devs may of wanted to have each planet have its own look, that doesnt mean the look would be any less Unique at night, Take alderman for example, beautifully done and a generally relaxing planetary environment. If this planet had a night time theres so much they could do with it... city lights....street lights. hell you could even put headlights on your mounts to add to the effect.

I think personally nar shadar and hutta would be the exception based on the fact that those planets have a lot of pollution and generally block out the sun anyway and 9/10 times you're indoors on nar shadar.

Planets like tantooine and hoth though really do need this, because its essentially a baron waste land and can be frustrating to travel across and look at because they are both very bright and "plain" I get it, ones a baron dust land the other is a ice ball, but thats not the point even places like that have night time which would only increase immersion and make the environments more enjoyable.

Korriban sorely needs a night cycle as that too is extremely bright and no changing the brightness setting is not a solution.

This environmental "upgrade" has so much potential to improve immersion, to say that they simply want to have the planets have their own unique look is fine but it is not a good argument because you are developing the game for player experience and you should never reduce the experience of your player base because at the end of the day this is not some art piece your selling, this is a product, please note the difference. This can only improve the game nothing more nothing less. especially with all the lighting features they could add..

*sigh* 2 years this threads been here and still it hasn't happened, they should at-least respond to this and consider it.

Oh if you havent guessed, I support this :P

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05.30.2014 , 09:54 AM | #45
I really want to just ignore this necro, but I am going to give in and argue against this idea. I want to go ahead and say that yes, seeing different planets in different times and different conditions would be really visually cool. It would also be a really bad idea for this particular game. The primary argument I see touted for this is that day/night cycles would increase immersion.

Sooo... standing around a republic base, partly outdoors, talking to random scientists at midnight, will increase immersion? Running around Hoth, fighting all the pirates just lazing around chilling in the middle of the blizzard, will increase immersion? Being able to quantify how much time your jedi has gone without sleeping or eating, and exactly how many days he's spent on Voss on an urgent mission without actually accomplishing anything will increase immersion?

It sounds cool in theory to be on a dynamic planet with weather and day/night. In games that are more sandboxed focused, it can even make sense. That is not what SWTOR is. Making day/night cycles and introducing weather that is not called for by plot will just serve to highlight incompatibilities with the world and the plot you are following (you say those guys wandered off into the desert and need to be recovered before the sandstorm hits? Well, the sandstorm is already here, so....), as well as the lack of immersion in quest givers/vendors/random mobs/animals, as they fail to conform to what immersion dictates they would normally do during the weather or day/night. Youmay think that it would be appealing if they made it so that you needed a light at night for immersion, and certain people would enjoy the immersion and realism of that, but the vast bulk of players will find it inconvenient, and a major turn off. And if they do night without any consequences to night, how is that any more immersive than the bulk of your experience on tattooine being characterized by blazing suns?

Not to mention that all of you who are dreaming about this, have very different ideas of what those day/night cycles should be. Should they follow canon? compressed canon? Should they be synchronized for convenience? Asynchronous because there's no way night on Alderaan should be night on Hoth? Player controlled so that everyone can be looking at different weather while rping? mass consensus? how would this remotely work?) should follow everyone's real life timezone (so that you can have the immersion of the gorgeous sunset while rping with an australian who has the immersion of the gorgeous sunrise?)

And creating a specific mood for the planets works. There's definitely a poignancy to the twilight of imperial taris, for instance.

Ultimately, yes, this is a neat idea visually. But it doesn't fit with the way SWTOR has been designed. It would be far, far too complicated to make those changes and all the other changes that would need to be made for this to make sense.

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05.30.2014 , 06:51 PM | #46
I would love this. Another way to make us feel like actually being in star wars fantasy.. aka my reality :P
The Bastion

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05.30.2014 , 07:14 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataph View Post
I would love this. Another way to make us feel like actually being in star wars fantasy.. aka my reality :P
I would love it too, but the devs might hurt themselves trying to actually do it.