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Concentration/Fury on Parsely Leaderboards??

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Concentration/Fury on Parsely Leaderboards??

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09.30.2017 , 01:18 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by ottffsse View Post
A quick look at the new top 2.5mil concealment parse at 9,9K looks also like it used the high alac setup but no one confirms, but the apm would suggest it...and it would lend itself to that spec well.

However I must note: these are dummy parses. The most difficult PvE boss fights are not ones where you can just camp at boss and pewpew. For those any setup would do really as long as you are geared and keep up apm. The most diffucult PvE boss have a lot of start/stop interruptions hence these high apm setups will probably not outperform traditional crit setups.
Yes they are dummy parses, and usually a very small increase in alacrity won't be that noticeable in a boss fight with downtime, but with these differences in alacrity, you're gaining .1 seconds every gcd. So after 14 gcd's, you have gained an entire gcd. 13 gcd's at 1.4s = 14 gcd's at 1.3s. That's only 18 seconds long, and even the bosses with extremely quick phases like styrak you will be gaining those gcd's quite a bit. There are an extremely small amount of fights where you won't have 18 seconds up uptime consistently. And for the people who are concerned about alacrity and uptime, then they shouldn't run more than 8% alacrity (for melee specs, it's a tad different for some ranged).

The concealment parses used high alacrity, I can confirm.

Quote: Originally Posted by Eloi_BG View Post
I tested IO.
IO has been the only spec I've seen that can't use the high alacrity because it seems to break the spec. I've had people I know who are good at IO test it and the procs always seem to mess up.
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09.30.2017 , 02:52 PM | #52
I didn't experiment any proc problems with IO running with like 15.68% alacrity. Could do the exact same rotation gaining like 2 APM compared to my other parses.
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10.06.2017 , 09:47 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by shyroman View Post
I would still prefer the power relic purely because of it's reliability. The power proc will always help you while the crit one might not. For 1850 alacrity and fury in particular, the way the flat cd reduction on some abilities combined with the normal alacrity cd reduction lines up perfectly so that the rotation becomes very streamlined. Any less alacrity and you'll either have to use an extra ability (screws up rotation) or wait a fraction of a second before using another attack (dead time).
I canít reach exactly 1850 Alacrity, how did you do that?

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10.06.2017 , 10:08 AM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDramaKing View Post
I canít reach exactly 1850 Alacrity, how did you do that?
You don't, afaik the closest combination I have found is 6 Enhancements and 5 Augments, which gives you 1866, 8 enhancements gives you 1848 which is so close :P

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