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Buff Furys AOE capability!

DarthSealth's Avatar

09.09.2017 , 10:10 AM | #1
What I propose in order to keep up with this spec in how it use to perform as Rage.

1) Change the elemental damage of Force Crush to effect a 'radius or upto 5 enemies.'
2) Similar to above but instead you have to spread elemental damage with Smash.
3) Force Scream made into an AOE Scream.

As I understand from a PVP standpoint as PVPER myself that a lot will get up in arms over a direct Smash buff so my intention is to make a ability work side by side with Smash.

Force Crush has a CD which merits the AOE can't be spammed giving a free Smash it makes perfect sense.
Force Scream works similar to KOTOR as an AOE Scream.

All are great ideas and would work better than Juggernauts Piercing Chill it has boosted the already great AOE capability of Vengeance although it was much needed for Rage.

SkyEye's Avatar

09.17.2017 , 02:25 PM | #2
Just bring back good old Rage / Focus from 2.0.