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Jedi senitel status new order

denisdenko's Avatar

07.16.2017 , 03:27 PM | #1
I need little help, i play game about 6 months my current status is new order. What should i do to get higher status?

I appreciate any answer

ButeoRegalis's Avatar

08.29.2017 , 12:56 PM | #2
Are you talking about your account status? There is free-to-play (F2P), preferred, and subscriber.

Here is a FAQ.

1) Basically, F2P is that, it free, doesn't have a monthly sub fee, but they game places a lot of restrictions on you.
2) Subscriber or premium accounts pay that monthly fee and have full access to everything in the game.
3) Preferred status is for accounts that used to be subscribers, but you stopped paying the monthly fee, i.e. lapsed accounts. Preferred status is a little better than F2P, but it still has a lot of limits on it.

It used to be you could get preferred status as well if you were F2P and spend a small amount of cash on the cash shop, e.g. to buy the in-game cash shop currency (Cartel Coins), but I don't see that in the FAQ anymore, so this may have been removed from the game.
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