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Missing Gear

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10.08.2019 , 12:25 PM | #1
My character was finishing up their Intro to Ossus quest.

I was given my companions (Aric and Elara) old gear in my inventory and I equipped it on them.

When I finished the quest I was on the gear I had put on them was missing and they have on new gear sets.

As you see in the above picture Aric Jorgan is wearing the NEW gear that he wears when he returns during KOTFE.
(chapter 11 maybe?)

Why was I given the gear and allowed to equip it on my companions when it was going to be erased the moment I finished the quest I was currently on?

The gear should have been given to me at the same time I was given the new versions of my returning companions wearing their new armor after I completed the quest.

Because their equipment was given to me while I still had the OLD version of my companions, and I was able to equip it, all of the gear I had on them is now lost to me. It was gear from years and years ago that I have had on those companions. I can not replace it.

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10.09.2019 , 12:13 PM | #2
Problem resolved.

There were two versions of those companions. The original ones, and NEW ones who you get when they come back during KOTFE and forward. I didn't get my old Aric and Elara back who had the gear on them. I was given the new versions.

You can tell if your companion is the old or new version by looking at their mouths when you click on them and they talk. Lips move = original

All my missing gear was on the original versions of the companions, which I have no access to.

A really nice CS rep put it into my character's inventory.

Thank you very much really nice Customer Service rep!

And Eric, thanks again. You Rock!