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Mouse Sensitivity On Camera Rotation Is Too High

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Mouse Sensitivity On Camera Rotation Is Too High

Nilatis's Avatar

10.06.2019 , 05:20 AM | #1
Operative system: Windows 10
Special conditions: None. Mouse sensitivity in Windows is set to low, and issue will arise regardless of mouse manufacturer or model, and other hardware and setup.
Date: From ~2016 to 2019 (Today)
Status: Unresolved, Ongoing
Description: Mouse sensitivity option in-game is set to 0%, meaning it is not possible to lower mouse sensitivity. You can only increase mouse sensitivity, by an increment of 33% or so, so that the game becomes even more unplayable.
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Electricardo's Avatar

10.09.2019 , 11:01 AM | #2
Same problem here, the game is unplayable.