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Swtor mouse look issues, since 2012.

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Swtor mouse look issues, since 2012.

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10.10.2019 , 06:42 AM | #1

I had this mouse look issue since 2012. Will this really never be fixed?
When i move my characters i hold down right mouse button, since that is best way to have controll over your toon i feel, and its how i been playing mmo all my life.
However in Swtor when you hold down right mouse button, at some point it buggs and makes ur mouse look turn right up to the sky? how can't this be fixed? I played so many mmo and never had this issue, only in swtor

I post a video to show you how the issue looks like:

I hope this get fixed, but i don't have my hopes up since it's a bug that been around since 2012
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