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Ilum Crafting Trainers?

Screaming_Ziva's Avatar

11.17.2019 , 10:48 AM | #1
I was going through my old Alliance Alerts on one of my Republic characters and I noticed that, when going to get Xalek, there are crafting trainers showing up on my mini-map right before I go into the cave connecting the Eastern and Western Ice shelves:

These are their names:

C2-X2 (Cybertech)
Professor Hsurss (Biochem)
Lieutenant Drask (Synthweaving)
Enasu (Artifice)
Sergeant Ghaemas (Archaeology)
Master Loroch (Bioanalysis)
Sergeant Ganney (Armstech)
Corporal Rass (Armormech)
Theneko (Scavanging)
Specialist Aster (Slicing)
Private Alie (Crew Skills Trade Vendor)

I can't seem to find any way to access these guys. Did Bioware decided to remove them but, instead of deleting them, just move them to where nobody can reach them?
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11.19.2019 , 11:20 PM | #2
I noticed those trainers last week.

Spent a while trying to figure out how to get to them as I thought they had a hidden entrance near by.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

11.20.2019 , 01:08 AM | #3
They are in the orbital station in the same layout, but it is weird, for sure, that they are visible on the surface. It sort of implies something that I noticed might be the case elsewhere.

If you're on a planet with an orbital station, you'll find that general chat is shared between the station and the surface(1), and the shared chat combined with these trainers' visibility makes me think that the station's map is, in fact, actually *on* the surface, but hidden away somewhere. On Ilum, it's in fact hidden just where you see those trainer symbols, but above or below, "indoors", and you can see the symbols, just like you can see the symbols for the trainers on Coruscant when you are on the surface of the Senate Plaza.

So yes, there's a hidden entrance, hidden in plain sight on the back of the shuttle outside the main Republic base, as it were.

EDIT: forgot footnote.

(1) On one occasion, this ability led me to rush back to the orbital station on Quesh. I was on my Assassin, doing normal story missions on the surface, and suddenly there's a shout in genchat. Someone couldn't get on the shuttle to go down to the surface. Hmm. I told him he needed to pick up the mission from the medical NPC with the droid. He said that he couldn't find an NPC with a mission. I went up to jump up and down beside the NPC, "This one!"

Turns out the character in question was only level 30, and he wasn't allowed to collect the mission because he wasn't high enough level. I told him to go back to earlier planets and do missions and stuff to level up, and off he went.
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