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Normalise level 50 PVP

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Normalise level 50 PVP

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07.28.2012 , 12:13 PM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by earthtoearl View Post
Not a bad idea from the OP. However, often the unbalance is class match up. Recentely we had a match where the Imps had 5 healers and our side had ZERO. You can guess what happened. The problem with tyring to limit a class in a match is more waiting for the perfect classed match up and few want that.]
Yeah, I'd really like to see Group Finder in some shape or form make its way into unranked warzones. Role imbalance, I agree, probably kills you faster than gear imbalance. Sure, you're going to get nuked if you're running around in 50 Blues (non-Expertise), but at the very least if there is some role balance (say you're one of five DPS), it's less likely to cripple the team than if you're that same (and only) DPS on a team of healers and tanks.

The only issue I see is this (for roles anyway) is how many of each role does the matchmaker attempt to bring, which would hopefully be best accomplished with each team having +/- 1 of each role (ie. so a team might not have a healer, but the other team will only have 1).

You could also match for gear, or normalize it entirely, but I still don't think that resolves the role problem IMO.
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