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Iokath bug megathread 5.9.2a version

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Iokath bug megathread 5.9.2a version

WisherOfEternity's Avatar

08.23.2018 , 08:35 AM | #1

Allied troops aren't helping with fighting the Empire/Republic troops unless you lure them to them

During the second chat the decision to side with the Empire or Republic appears again in the background but isn't doing anything - you can select it but doesn't disappear

- The Lost Armory bugs

When controlling the droid to put 5 cores in, it has a high probability not to revert back to your character afterwards, with you being stuck. Only solution is to log out and wait for the system to put you back to the base camp or whereever

The game not always recognizes which side you chose, and refers you to the Empire base when you're Republic, and vice versa

The game points you to the northern exit when you need the southern exit from the Rep or Imperial base in rare cases after resetting the quest

- (Mentioned by others) Gods from the Machine

(List incoming - feel free to remark on others which aren't fixed yet but need fixes)

Izumi_Konata's Avatar

09.30.2018 , 04:54 PM | #2
Dark Side corruption becomes disabled when entering cut scenes and is unable to be toggled on again until relog.
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01.21.2019 , 10:51 AM | #3
Iokath strips my titles and my legendary status every time I go there. I have to reset them.
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