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Fractured Armor Set (lvl 51) incomplete. Parts missing?

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Fractured Armor Set (lvl 51) incomplete. Parts missing?

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01.19.2019 , 01:34 PM | #1
Hi, you may know the nice looking armor Set that you get during the makeb class missions and early Revan missions. It's called fractured something. I searched all mission for it but some pieces are missing. I can't find Fractured Force-Lord's Lower Robe and Fractured Force-Lord's belt. Where are they? Are they even in the game? Websides like can't tell me where they are. Can anyone help me? I really like the design of this set. And sorry if this is the wrong forum.

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01.19.2019 , 02:32 PM | #2
There are three different "Fractured Force-Lord's" armour sets, or six if you count their different appearance on Imperial and Republic characters. MK-1, MK-2, and MK-3. The information I have doesn't list the MK-1 types, but does list MK-2 as the rewards from "Heroic Mission Boxes" = rewards from Heroic missions, but *only* for characters very close to level 50.

Similarly, the very similar in appearance MK-3 set (it has stronger stats because it is purple therefore rated higher at the same level) drops in "level 50" veteran flashpoints.

Check this category on TOR Fashion for the Impside versions and others that looks the same:

Or this category for Pubside versions:

TOR-Fashion isn't complete by any means, but that should get you going.
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01.20.2019 , 04:19 PM | #3
Thank you very much. I was thinking about the Mk. 1 Set and was wondering if the set is incomplete by design or if I'm too blind to find it.