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Recruit Tanno Vik through an alliance allert

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Recruit Tanno Vik through an alliance allert

Tharandil's Avatar

09.16.2019 , 03:08 AM | #1
Well the title says it all,
Having a trooper main, i'm still a bit bumped out Tanno is the only one that i can't recruit of my original HAVOC Squad.
'Dropped out of contact' is really bugging me, since we've met him in KOTFE.
I know his original Voice Actor passed away. But since ROTHC he does have a new Voice Actor.

You can decide his fate in the chapter, but it would be nice to have a future interaction with him.
So far the companions missing are: Theran Cedrax, Tanno Vik, Kira, Scourge.
The other named companions have been mentioned in the upcomming expansion.

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09.16.2019 , 05:03 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Tharandil View Post
So far the companions missing are: Theran Cedrax, Zenith, Tanno Vik, Kira, Scourge.
You forgot one.

So far no companion has been officially announced as returning with 6.0, but it is thought by many that Kira and Scourge will be returning in 6.0 due to the strangers seen on Odessen. Also, I completely agree about Tanno. He should have been returned to Troopers in Fallen Empire regardless of the new voice actor. It's not like they're going to record new lines for him anyhow.
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