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Accidental Outfits - post yours!

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Accidental Outfits - post yours!

Darev's Avatar

08.19.2019 , 07:41 PM | #1
Finished leveling my umpteenth alt the night before dbl xp ends.

Picking armor from the legacy bank I chose stuff for gear/stats, not looks.

Came out looking halfways decent anyway...hence the thread title.

Here's what it is.

Close up
Full body

Post your favorites that are results of happenstance!
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

08.20.2019 , 01:26 PM | #2
My best "didn't mean it" outfit was on Xalari'pelarth, victim of my wish to experiment by levelling up using only Synthweaving gear as armour.(1)

Xalari is, I believe, on the left. Lana Beniko is on the right. It's kinda hard to tell. I had no idea, when I began, that the "requires level 61" phase of the experiment would look like that.

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