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Lord Vivicar

Paytun's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 04:40 PM | #11

He puts a debuff on your before he does his one shot ability, use this to remove it....

Gerudan's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 04:43 PM | #12
I just interrupted his spell, after that he was a complete joke.

Corran's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 05:32 PM | #13
here i was all stressed that i was going to get my *** kicked by this guy

during this BUGGY mission (my trooper has no buggy missions all the way through the end of act 3 btw - guessing nobody actually tested consular in beta??) i died 3 times due to the entire map of mobs being pulled several times for no apparant reason and was really stressed

if you need to use theran you need to learn your consular abilities.
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Gerudan's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 06:17 PM | #14
Yeah, these enemy waves were somewhat annoying although I nearly survived the second wave.

All in all it seems to me, that the Consular is the class, that is most neglected by Bioware, specially compared to the inquisitor or the Jedi-Knight.

The companions are rather boring compared to other classes (others get a fallen sith or a fallen Jedi, we get...well...nothing, and for male Consulars the only RI we get, is the absolut last companion) AND we get them later than any other class. The headpieces all look ridiculous, some of our spells really look boring (pebble storm anyone?), the first act of the class quest is mostly boring etc. etc.

LordTyrantXerxis's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:59 PM | #15
I tried to kite him at lvl 29 butt everything I threw at him was a resist. Got him to 75% before he got me. The ran heals good but viv would just destroy him.

agentbam's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 10:21 PM | #16
Well guys the mission is finished thanks to you all. I am now stuck and can't travel to Balmorre. Bug is messed up and Bioware told me it's under investigation now. I have no idea when I can finish my class story now.

LordTyrantXerxis's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 10:56 PM | #17
Well looks like I am gonna hang that up for the foreseeable future.

Gerudan's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 06:36 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by LordTyrantXerxis View Post
Well looks like I am gonna hang that up for the foreseeable future.
Just interrupt his spell, after that he does nothing. He really is easier than the three elite Troopers you kill on the way to him, just watch his castbar.

Skoll's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 08:34 AM | #19
Used Tharan for healing and extra stuns. Used Mind Snap to interrupt his Force Crush and tried to keep my distance from him (Force Slow and Telekinetic Throw helped in that regard) and keeping Force Armor up as much as possible. That of course meant I had to rely mostly on insta-cast abilities (such as Weaken Mind and Project). Holiday's stuns allowed me to use non-instant abilities or heals without having to worry about him closing the gap.

Probably not the fastest way to defeat him but it works nicely even if he's a few levels higher than you. I was level 30 when I kicked his level 34 ***.
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12.28.2011 , 08:38 AM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by agentbam View Post
How did you guys beat him? What Campanion did you have with you at the time? I'm lvl 35 and he's lvl 34 Elite.
Tharan eats Vivicar's **** for breakfast. He'll spam Holiday interrupts on him and heal you. Just make sure to interrupt his heals, run away from force storm, and LoS his project storm. It's like PvP, win with pillar humping.
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