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Lightning vs Madness levelling

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Lightning vs Madness levelling

MusicRider's Avatar

01.30.2015 , 07:14 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Azurestone View Post
Once you got that increased crit in force storm, you'll just force storm till lvl 60 and beyond and ultimately till Bioware decides to nerf it some day. I'd go with lightning leveling.
That is definitely true. The down side is that you don't learn how to play the class both in general and specifically in terms of the different specs. With a potential nerf to force storm in the future someone doing so will end up being at level 60 with the knowledge of a level 10.

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01.30.2015 , 01:34 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicRider View Post
That's probably cause you are trying to face tank mobs like you could do in telekinetics... Basically, think of telekinetics as a dps race (like a sprint race) while balance being a survivability race (like a marathon).
Very likely the case. I've always been too impatient for DoTs to work. I actually swapped to Telekinesis last night and had a blast; swapped in Zenith and just obliterated everything. Same as my Lightning Sorcerer in playstyle (just different animations) but hey, fun's fun, and I see no point in making myself suffer just to 'experience' another playstyle that clearly doesn't suit me.

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01.30.2015 , 01:42 PM | #13
Force storm increased damage/crit = all of the regular mobs are dead. Without you getting a scratch. Go lightning.
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01.31.2015 , 04:28 AM | #14
As to learning the class, it's true that just spamming force storm won't make you learn the class, but I'd like to state that in PvE, especially levelling you'll never learn the real tricks of the trade.

How to play your class you'll learn in the difficult fights at the end of the quest, during flashpoints or operations a little bit, but I usually consult starting with PvP as early as possible and do a considerable amount of your "youth" levelling by doing warzones.

Also I'd like to add that lightning is by far not as stationary as it used to be, nor as a DPS race anymore. The original author also stated he's lvl 42, so he's already gained lightning storm, subversion and convection for many instant casts of lightning bolt and chain lightning. Until lvl 51 he'll be forced to stand still to cast thundering blast and force storm, but otherwise he can be on the move relatively often. Once you reach lvl 51 in pvp you only stand still to cast force storm or an occasional hard cast when the enemy team absolutely ignores you and force storm is not valid (is it ever?)

Ardusnyc's Avatar

02.04.2015 , 02:29 AM | #15
Lightning becomes superior once you learn Force Storm, spec Tempest Mastery, learn Chain Lightning with Chain Lightning insta-proc and acquire it's AoE debuff.

From there, LoS pull (with you or your companion) around a corner + force bubble yourself + Force Storm to proc insta Chain Lightning + stop Force Storm prematurely to cast Chain Lightning + resume Force Storm with AoE debuff (with Recklessness buff) + rinse/repeat.

For mass kills, which companion pet you pick doesn't matter. Ideal would be tank pet to hold everything in place. If companion takes damage, mount then dismount to reset their cooldowns and heal to full leaving little downtime.

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02.06.2015 , 03:03 AM | #16
Wouldn't say heal leveling is slow. Maybe slower. And of course I am running with 400 bonus presence. But at level 18 I soloed the H4 friends of old on dromund kaas with ease. Shield pet. Send him after group of 3 elites. Wait a few seconds. Then force storm spam. They all die and khem is still at 50 percent. Re bubble or heal as needed. And khem and I are in quest greens. Not comm gear.