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What is the reason behind Hard sage/sorc nerf?

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What is the reason behind Hard sage/sorc nerf?

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03.13.2020 , 07:41 PM | #11
Lightning lost about 500-700 DPS, not 1.5-2k. If they think that's too much, then they can easily make additional adjustments before releasing 6.1.1. I personally think it would be nice if we didn't lose DPS at all, but dummy numbers aren't the whole story. Lightning is one of the most mobile ranged specs so it won't lose nearly as much as other specs, especially compared to Sniper, and can significantly increase its DPS in actual fights with Lightning Barrier. In general,
Lightning Barrier is a lot more consistent than a lot of the retaliatory damage than merc as well since it can be used a whole lot more frequently than Pyro Shield and is usable on a lot more fights than Responsive Safeguards.

Madness didn't really seem to change and might have even gotten buffed a little bit. It's hard to tell. It's clearly not a hard nerf by any means and I haven't gotten to try healing yet.

Really, you're getting way too upset and hyperbolic over a relatively small nerf to Lightning.


03.13.2020 , 10:50 PM | #12
Just as madness is viable in nim ops on Live (even before today's patch changing bolster), it's also viable on PTS (It keeps pace just fine w/ other dot specs like virulence in nim dxun). Polarity shift not lighting up when force speed is used is a bit annoying at first, but one gets used to it.