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If you could only play one class, which one would it be

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If you could only play one class, which one would it be

DaveVoogd's Avatar

12.12.2019 , 06:48 AM | #21
No we don't, Baras ate them all sadly

Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
Why not try Imp side? Some different weapon selections, some potentially better voice actors.

We also have cookies.

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12.12.2019 , 06:49 AM | #22
Merc for me. why you say?

Awesome dual wield blaster. and i like to be a bounty hunter.

i also love the animations

Sideblaze's Avatar

12.12.2019 , 02:17 PM | #23
It's between both agent specs and Mercenary for me.

You can tell someone at BW loves the agents. :P

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12.12.2019 , 02:57 PM | #24

To me this feels like a complete Star Wars experience in combat. As a PVPer: Fantastic when fully engaged and knowing what hotkeys to instinctively press. I feel like a powerful character being able to not only save my friends, but manipulate the flow of battle by pushing people away or choking/stunning them on the spot. Great overall, however like all classes there are cons and tougher classes to beat in PVP. This however is based on gameplay from launch-2015.

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12.17.2019 , 09:27 AM | #25
I just want to say thanks for this thread! It helped me narrow down what I wanted to play myself, I'm still stuck between about 3 classes atm but I will have it down to one or two soon.... I hope

My main issues now are:
1. Lightsaber/force user vs. blaster/rifle
I enjoy both, but of course this game and all of Star Wars is really built around the lightsaber and force users. This may lead me to have two mains, one force user and one not.
2. ranged vs. melee
Same thing, I enjoy both but as I've gotten older I seem to prefer to stand back more and survey the whole fight more than jumping into the fray and hacking and slashing. But I still have fun with both in this game.
3. Heal/Tank/DPS
I like to be flexible and play a class or two that can switch between roles, I'm leaning towards having a DPS class and a DPS/Heal class. I like tanking in general but like others have said, pug tanking is just no fun with the attitude of players in all games now.

This week I'm narrowing down about 6 characters I have to 2 or 3 and hopefully find one main out of the bunch:
Jedi Sentinel/Scoundrel/Vanguard and Operative/Jugg/Merc with some testing of Sorc/Assassin/Sniper

RangerJaK's Avatar

01.08.2020 , 09:29 AM | #26
I wanted to come back to this now that I've had some time with all the classes I wanted to play.

My final answer is Sin!

If I could only play one class it would be Sin all day everyday!

Thanks again for the thread

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01.09.2020 , 11:35 AM | #27
If I could only play one class, I'd have to choose one of my Gunslingers. I'd choose the female one so I could play Space Barbie as well. 😏
That would be for both solo and group content.

In fact, since Ossus, and other than some crafting, I've basically only been playing my Gunslingers and my female Guardian SB.
For those wondering about what class to play, I'd have to suggest you try them all. My first SWTOR character was, of course, a Jedi Knight (Sentinel). Then I made a Sage. Then a Trooper. Then Scoundrel. Then a BH (for the HK part). And then a Sorcerer . Then another Sage (healer). And then, finally, a Gunslinger.
Since then I've made the rest of the classes for Legendary status, plus another "main" Gunslinger, plus some various alts to unlock species, DvL event, etc. (22 characters)
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01.21.2020 , 02:13 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Uvirith View Post
If you would only have the time to play one class, which one would it be?
Kinetic/Shadow tank. It has the most utility of any tank (push, pull, cc, ae, sneak, 2x sap) and if you get tired, you can swap to it's DPS variant and have some nice DPS and great utility there, too.

Operative/Scoundrel DPS: same reason as above -- most utility of the dps/healer classes and you can swap to it's healer variant for great heals and similarly nice utility (or play healer main with dps option if that's your bent).

Pirana's Avatar

01.21.2020 , 03:30 PM | #29
I would have gone with Commando healer as I've been running that class for the better part of five years, but after reading Endonae's TK guide on Vullk, I wanted to give it a try and I haven't looked back. Even when or if the nerf to Gathering Storm goes into affect, it won't stop me from playing it. It's just a very fun class with a lot of mobility. And the dps isn't too bad.

I've been running GS since launch but never cared for the crouch mechanic, so Telekinetics it is.
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casirabit's Avatar

01.21.2020 , 03:55 PM | #30
For me: Smuggler Scoundrel-Healer. She was my first character and I played this more than my others. I been through a lot of nerfs on this one since launch and it is still my favorite.
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