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Old player doubts: Lightning sorc or Fury mara?

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Old player doubts: Lightning sorc or Fury mara?

MurderxD's Avatar

02.06.2020 , 11:30 AM | #1
Hi everyone, i've just resubed after a long time without playing.
Im really liking to play with fury marauder and lightning sorc and im having a hard time deciding which one i want to main.
As I like both spec's gameplay, i think ill make my decision based on which one is performing better at PVE when it comes to dealing damage.
I did a small research and got really confused... most people and guides point fury mara as the best dps in game (and lightning as one of the worsts), tho when i check ixparse parses, lightning sorc shows up with better dps in most boss fights.
Is there any experienced player with practical/empyrical knowledge of who is performing better?
Ty in advance

ZouYan's Avatar

02.06.2020 , 03:38 PM | #2
Lightning is better atm. If u were gonna play mara the spec that most are running in pve is anni. Also double check which guides u are reading cause it sound like u were reading 5.0 info.
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02.06.2020 , 06:24 PM | #3
Really comes down to personal preference really, both are good but they both play completely differant to each other.

Lightning is a good all rounder has Really good AoE and decent single target while Fury is really good single target with alright AoE, But also lightning is ranged with some healing while Fury is melee with good defences.

Both of them are really good at the moment and if you want a guide then.

Those should do you fine they are both good just go with what you enjoy more.

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02.06.2020 , 06:42 PM | #4
Sadly while marauders are a ton of fun they are far from being the best dps in the game and Sorcs outshine them at parses.
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mrphstar's Avatar

02.07.2020 , 03:22 AM | #5
people just telling half of the story here.

in pure dummy parsing, fury and annihilation mara both outdps lightning. that doesnt make them top parsing specs since both operative specs and dot sniper are even better (operatives will get some nerfs next week).

the reason why lightning beats them in many fights is incoming damage. combined with their own bubble and an utility that turns said bubble into a mini reflect, lightning deals more damage. problem is: the damage "reflected) by the bubble is scaled to level 75, even when playing level 70 or lower content, which obviously leads to overscaled dps by lightning.

if that gets fixed, lightning should be still fine, but slightly worse than both mara specs in any boss fight.

anyway, since we are talking about melee vs. ranged here and both classes deal more than enough damage when played correctly, it realy just comes down to your prefered playstyle.
melee is more movement heavy to keep uptime at the boss, while ranged is about timing and special tasks in mechanics.

i like to bring both options into the raid and swaping accordingly depending on the groups needs and bossfight profile.

Elyxin's Avatar

02.11.2020 , 04:54 PM | #6
Not sure if it's your thing, but Since Sorcs can spec for healing it's something to consider.