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Infiltration using Duelist gear?

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Infiltration using Duelist gear?

Malleable's Avatar

02.02.2020 , 07:14 PM | #1
I'm running in a group of 4 infiltration shadow. The play style is great. I tend to initiate attacks, so tend to take the most damage. If I start taking too much damage one of the other infiltrators pops mass mind control, and if he starts taking too much there are two more infiltrators ready to do the same thing.
Given this damage spread method is there still value in having the puller using the Duelist tank gear rather than the Force Lord DPS gear? I thought about trying Kinetic, and might if the group starts getting torn up, but really prefer infiltration over kinetic.
So is there a benefit to an infiltrator wearing tank gear?


LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

02.02.2020 , 11:35 PM | #2
First thing is that mass mind control is your threat drop ability in dps spec. Single target taunt is all you can use.

Second is that shield/absorb are useless, you need a shield equipped to get any benefit from those. There is some benefit from extra defense, but I doubt it's enough to justify hampering your dps. For most mobs the best defense is to kill them asap.

If you run into difficulty remember to use your CC's. 4 infiltrators means you have 4 whirlwinds (instant with the right utility) and 4 low slash (instant and on a short cooldown) that can CC enemies and reduce the damage incoming from large mobs.
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02.03.2020 , 01:12 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by LD_Little_Dragon View Post
Second is that shield/absorb are useless, you need a shield equipped to get any benefit from those.
You also need the right passive stance (equivalent of JK/SW forms, cells for troopers, etc.), which only Kinetic Combat uses.
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Malleable's Avatar

02.03.2020 , 06:21 AM | #4
Ahhhh. Thanks guys! This is why I put out the question. I wasn't thinking about stances. I'll just go with the DPS gear, and if things don't work out switch over to tank spec.