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Blue materials to craft green items 6.0??????

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Blue materials to craft green items 6.0??????

Shadowcero's Avatar

10.25.2019 , 09:26 PM | #1
I'm sorry to said this but this i will not let this be..................

why do i need blue material to craft a green item???

i been playing this game for years and this the first time i see something this mess up

and the items are not 275 they are lower rating

there any value on crafting items or other useful stuff in game after all this years is no time to have something decent on the crafting lists

so Bioware are u going to fix this or we going have another anthem tragedy around here ?

can someone review and fix the crafting list cuz BLUE on GREEN item is a bad joke

PS....... Powertech/Vanguard they need a rework

jedcjedcjedc's Avatar

10.25.2019 , 11:07 PM | #2
I'd get used to it if I were you. For some reason it now takes EIGHT solid resource matrix's (the new purples) to make a single blue 274 enhancement. to put that in perspective, making a single trash tier enhancement solely to reverse engineer to get your crafting up will set you back about 31 million.

Let's also just remember that mods higher than that drop regularly after 2 or maybe 3 flashpoints for gear.

what even. RIP crafting.
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