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"Stun Wars"

HelinCarnate's Avatar

11.02.2012 , 04:49 PM | #11
So how is it that only one side is able to do all those stuns and knockbacks?
Dear BW,
Please nerf paper and buff rock. Scissors is fine as is.
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Macheath's Avatar

11.02.2012 , 08:57 PM | #12
The problem is twofold. First, there are too many "Alpha" CC abilities (stuns and knockdowns. In other words, any ability which takes full control away from the player, and which does not break on damage.) Second, the Resolve system doesn't actually prevent stun locking, it only reduces the amount of time one player can be stun locked (which is oftentimes still long enough to see them dead, which means Resolve is not only overly complicated, but it's not working. That's a losing combination.)

The solution is also twofold. First, reduce the number of Alpha CC available to each class. Not every class should have a 4 second stun, for starters. These abilities should be taken away from most classes (not all classes; stuns still have a place in the game) and replaced by other forms of "lesser" CC, like snares, disarms/silences, attack/healing debuffs (among others) or at the very least, reduce them to mesmerizes, or "stasis" abilities (stasis abilities stun the opponent, but also grant the affected player immunity to incoming damage.)

Second, streamline the Resolve system into a simple CC immunity system. If you are hit with an "Alpha" CC, you become immune to further Alpha CC for x seconds, starting as soon as the original CC wears off. Simple, and effective.

Offer no CC immunity from lesser crowd control abilities. This allows a coordinated team to "chain" lesser crowd control abilities together in order to gain a tactical advantage. They can even "mez-lock" other players, but of course since that breaks on damage (or in the case of stasis, grants damage immunity) they will not be able to "mez-lock to death," which is the real issue with stun-locking.

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