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"Revive" Tatooine PvP.

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"Revive" Tatooine PvP.

exdseptu's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 06:40 AM | #1
First off, I don't know if this thread already exists somewhere. If it does, it's not getting the attention it needs.

Apart from Ilum there is this little area on Tatooine which was also designated for World PvP. this point it is only used once...just to enter it and get that one little quest out of your quest log.

For me, zones (or little areas in zones) like this make the PvP part of the game a lot more enjoyable and diverse...IF people would actually do something there.
Now, I don't blame players for not going there, since the only thing you can do is hope to find some random chest with a hell of a long spawn time.

Therefore, my "suggestion" is that Bioware add something to make this zone more attractive and worthwhile to go to. Think of dailies, better chest rewards, sustained buffs etc.

I know people will probably point out that adding a "required" zone for PvP, will only lower population on Ilum more, but this is however a; population problem, nothing else.
For me, more stuff to do = more fun.

Let me know what you guys think.

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02.23.2012 , 07:05 AM | #2
Apart from the 5 stealthed douchebags farming chests all day tatooine is pretty dead. Most people avoid 1v1 by vanishing / cc'ing and running, others only come at you 2v1. It's for the chests only, and they are based on current player amount. Aka : no players = no chest respawns.

There are about 3 chests there, I think, holding 20 mercenary commendations each.

The entire reason to do world pvp is to gain something. Sadly you can't compete with stealthers who rush between spawn locations. It's no PvP , it's just a game of hide and seek.

I once encountered a 4 man scoundrel squad and they all opened at the same time...

I dislike tatooine, the travel time there is WAY too long, and you can't do much more than mount around for hours looking for chests. Which is exactly what all the stealthers are doing.

Just do /who in tatooine, if you see a stealth class don't even bother going there.

And how are we supposed to go ilum from there? The travel system is so poorly designed open world pvp has ended before you even arrive at the ''battlefield''. Take a stopwatch and measure the time it takes to travel from lets say Republic base in ilum, to outlaws den in tatooine, without quick travel or fleet passes. It would take you at least 20-30 minutes, and thats complete wasted time, considering you can get up to 220 warzone tokens in that amount of time. And then you have to pray there are players / chests spawned in tatooine, which is not the case 95% of the time.

TL;DR : Tatooine is about chests only, and the long travel times / low player count doesn't make it worth it.

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02.23.2012 , 07:09 AM | #3
Yes, I knew that. It is basically what I said.

This post isnt a "What is wrong with Tatooine" post. It is a "How can we make Tatooine a place people want to go" post.

edit: Thanks for taking the time to make that long answer though, even though you misunderstood me

Wildcat's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 07:40 AM | #4
If you can't complete the daily/weekly there and get champion and battlemaster bags and comms for playing there no one will bother.

IMHO, there needs to be a battlefield on EVERY planet we can fight over that suit those quests. I'm tired already of fighting over Ilum.
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exdseptu's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 07:52 AM | #5
I don't think making it have the same objectives as Ilum will add to PvP... just make it more spread out and make you encounter even less enemies.

As for making zones on every world sounds fun (and too much), the Tatooine zone is already there and easier to add objectives/quests to, than making new zones.

Like I said, I want people to add ideas on how to make Tatooine PvP more viable, not other PvP ideas about other zones etc.

Stonewall_Jack's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 08:43 AM | #6
Ok just a random idea and something that takes over a year to implement so no quick solution, but here is an idea I kept at it as I went, there might be some cool ideas in it and maybe you can distil something practical out of it =D teehee:

There is a big nasty guy in the zone (NPC) that can be pushed slowly to the enemy side. The 3 highest dps-ers only count towards this push and occasionally the big guy throws rocks etc. to the side that is winning the push, which sort off makes it harder on the inning team to actually win.

Winning a push which means being in the zone, wins you a daily and x amount of pushes for the weekly. Once at the end the big guy starts trashing the enemy spawnzone area(which needs to be added, but eventually dies).

The rocks being thrown by the big fella are enough to wipe-out a dps without to support of 2 or more healers/ (or guards).

The big fella is lootable by the losers as it gets killed in their camp (but sub to winning the daily) and on both sides there are hutts. The hutts allow you to redeem some commendations for a number of kills made.

All the while there a chests spawning with commendations, which you can only open/ redeem if out of combat and give you a debuff after redeeming the commendations.

There is also extra valor gain on tatooine.

Ok let's say the republic has less players, the monster thingy evens it out a bit as soon as one side is winning. If the imperials are greedy for chests which they can obtain more easily they get a debuff and become easy targets. There is guarantee for loot even thou you lose, but not the best loot.

It comes down to the 3dps-ers. Even if the imperials have more players on the field, the best 3 doing damage are the only ones that count. Which can easily shift as 1 is stunned and the 4th becomes 3rd and 4th being some newbie (imagine) does far less damage.

Imperials have and advantage over killing the enemy when they are with more, but the stuns should be somewhat equal. The more players in the zone, the more chest will spawn and the debuff stacks up.

The commendations of the chests are banked and only gained after completing the event with a % BONUS if you win and a % loss if you lose. If you die you lose stacks of the debuff, but also the bank gets emptied.

There are some factors that kill numerical advantages and the most important factor is greed. Imagine the 3 highest dps getting greedy at the end… let us get those chests … oops debuff. If there is no coordination even those with superior numbers can lose and of course people build up genuine hatred for b00ns that focus solely on chests and do not contribute to winning the game.

That said… there should be a big number hovering above that shows someones greed and it must be a viable option for imperials to take imperials out if you got more than 2 stacks. Imagine the dps winning the game, but they have no chests and see greedy imps around. Instead of completing they turn on their fellow imps =D
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02.23.2012 , 08:48 AM | #7
The game engine and zoning mechanics are what are currently ruining Tatooine for PvP.

Until you can get from the fleet to the PvP areas in ONE zone, AND the zone loads fast enough to be able to queue warzones WHILE in that zone, I just don't see Tatooine being utalized to any real amount.

But BW probably isn't worried by that because they don't want 100 people in one little area of Tatooine because their game can't handle those numbers without slowing to a slideshow crawl.