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PvP: Infil specced without Clairvoyant Strike viable?

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PvP: Infil specced without Clairvoyant Strike viable?

xysoulxy's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 06:26 PM | #1
Hey shadows,

Just wanted to ask about your opinion on a Shadow Strike and Force Breach only build...
I'm lvl 40 and I used my skill points to get the maximum critchance and critdmg on SS and FB. Works perfect and I'm usually first with Dmg in warzones (230k+).
I crit with like every 2nd SS I use and FB crits very often too. You can get +30% crit dmg for SS in the tree and also +50% crit dmg for FB and the chance of lowering the cost of your next SS is also nice. Exit Strategy is a nice way to make the Dmg of FB even higher plus you can get +16% dmg for FB from Balance Tree (Force Focus).
When the enemy is below 30% I also use the finisher in my rotation.

My gear is critbased.

I think it works but in the german forum people are saying that Clairvoyant Strike is the most important skill ever :/

AMKSED's Avatar

01.09.2012 , 06:44 PM | #2
I'm 12/21/8 and my damage is always within 10k, high and low, of a 0/33/8 Shadow. Only difference is I take about 20% less damage, 38% chance to absorb 23% more damage, my Force Speed CD is 20 seconds, and my Resilience CD is 45 seconds. I basically have A LOT more survivability than a pure DPS spec'd Shadow without CV Strike.

I do miss the extra 1-2K damage I would get with the Shadow Techniques Rock/Breach combo but I'd rather stay alive longer than do a tad more damage.