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Advice on Stats for sentinel in concentration discipline

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Advice on Stats for sentinel in concentration discipline

sdom's Avatar

02.22.2019 , 04:49 AM | #1
I've looked around the internet a lot and I can't find any conclusive guides on stats recommended for the Jedi Sentinel. using the concentration discipline in ranked PvP.

Current advice seems to be:
Get your Critical between 2k - 2.2k.
Ensure your accuracy is as close to 110% as possible.
Then stack the remaining points into Power and Mastery.

Could anyone clarify on this so I can get my build right for season 11?

Also, I have a question about alacrity stats. I've seen players bust out incredible damage with only 400 points allocated to alacrity. I myself was at one stage running 1.5k and was told that these were wasted points.
So I removed some of my alacrity augments, and downed to 1k.
I had been used to the faster attacks though, of course, alacrity defines how quick you can use your next ability, and there was for sure a large difference in my ability to cycle through my moves quickly, it was a lot slower.

Now if you are a DPS character, as all sentinels are.
Is it not logical to have a good alacrity too so that you can hit more often, as more hits = more damage in sustained combat. Or is the investment considered as not worth the return in this case?

Some clarification on the above points would be appreciated, and thanks in advance if you can help.

DuHavok's Avatar

02.22.2019 , 05:45 AM | #2
Everything between 703 and 1857 alacrity are wasted points, yes. Your GCD with 703 alacrity is 1.4s, which is imo the best to go. 1,3s GCD, which is the best to go in pve imo or in regs with more 100% uptime chance, is at 1857 alac points.

When you reached 1790 crit on a white damage class only, every mastery point is more useful than crit.
2235 crit is for yellow damage classes only. Which means you go somewhere between since your class is 50/50 damage.
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bUrself_'s Avatar

02.22.2019 , 08:13 AM | #3
Unless you're in carnage or arsenal (which get 3% passive alacrity, thus making 400-500 alac roughly equivalent to 700-800 for most other specs) 400 alac is a very bad value to run, hardly any better than zero in pvp

the choice is between 0, a little over 703, and a little over 1860 as the above poster said. which to use is pretty debatable, although I think stat pool bloat post 5.0 probably makes zero a bad idea. I think in the long run 703 is likely to do more average dps than 1860 because of the rotational and uptime imperfections that are inevitable in pvp. however 1860 will be capable of a *little* more damage than 703 during spurts of rotational perfection and perfect uptime in addition to getting big hitters and stuns on a shorter cd. again, it's debateable

personally I'm pretty bullish on accuracy but 110% accuracy is not a common recommendation for pvp as far as I can tell, due to the fact most classes only have 5% ranged/melee defense chance and usually zero passive resist chance. I would absolutely recommend it for carnage and marksman but for specs that are more half and half on white vs yellow damage (which includes concentration) it may be a bit of a dps loss. in my opinion it's probably fairly little damage loss and more reliably landing your concentrated slice autocrit is nice. I played fury to 2600 in solo ranked in season 8 while using 110% accuracy for what it's worth

Lastly, 2K crit should be about right for you and mastery is an upgrade over power at this stage in the game. However the difference is very small.

RACATW's Avatar

02.22.2019 , 04:38 PM | #4
400 alarc is dumb, but yeah everything else is similar to how I play.

edit: for conc specifically -- maybe that guy didnt bother changing his gear since he was an ex carnage refugee?

DNGDangerous's Avatar

02.23.2019 , 01:15 PM | #5
The following video is for Fury Marauder but, it should still work out for concentration Sentinel.

Skip to the 06:06 minute mark for the stat section of the video.