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The Most Effective Healer?

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The Most Effective Healer?

jnrose's Avatar

09.22.2018 , 02:08 AM | #1

Which class is the superior healer on both factions EMP/REP?

I'm leaning towards the casters Soc/Sage??

Thank you,
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Lalainnia's Avatar

09.23.2018 , 11:33 PM | #2
Yep its sages and sorcs without a doubt for all game modes. Then op/scoundrel merc/mando can duke it out for second really doesn't matter.

For me personally I would rate them in the order of sorc,op,merc for all game modes even pvp while merc dcds are amazing the actual healing and the way they actually apply those heals are subpar and it's why I put operatives above them. I'd give merc heals the edge over operative for solo ranked though and that's about it.
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fabsus's Avatar

09.24.2018 , 12:24 AM | #3
the sorc ist the most easy to play healer in the game,
with good skills, is very mobile and some nice defs.
that makes the sorc easy to play and not that hard to master.
also the healing output is great.
especially the force management is easy.
it is a class you cannot fail with.

the operative is the class with the highest healing output in the game.
but it takes some time to learn. you have to hold 2 probes active on
8ppl, so a lot of actions to do, even with no incoming damage. you need
to know the fights better, to plan your single heals. and the single heals,
also the kolto waves (group heal), are making you immobile. so this is a
clear disadvantage and just means, that you have to know the fights better.
but you have some real nice defs, too.
the energy management is way more complicated, especially if something
is not going right for a longer time. formaly you could get back energy by
casting the low scan en masse, but this was nerfed, too.
so the most operatives i have seen, have big troubles with that class,
so that many ppl think, that it is a bad healer. but it is just harder to play.
played right it is the healer with the highest HPS output.

because i don't play a merc, i can't say anything about that.

later it is more important, to do some additional dps as a healer.
here i think, doing dps is much more easy with the sorc, especially
because of the force management.

but in the end, there is no best healer. i would prefer to have a good
operative and any other class in the raid. raids with 2 operatives are
just boring as hell.
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