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Best PvP Build for Powertechs?

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01.14.2012 , 02:55 PM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by InfernoUk View Post
is 31 the way to go then? rather than taking more AP or AT talents?
Well I guess those are more of a play-style kind of skill points. I mean the backbone of the spec is there.

that said with a 31 pyro spec I would go like this

Degauss is nice...but the snare can be re-applied as soon as dispelled to it is kinda meh.
Infrared sensor is decent for the reduced CD on stealth scan...but one can simply live without it.
So Gyroscopic alignment jet is the one I would choose.

And I usuallly also get Energy Rebounder too.

Now that spec have 2 points unspended.I would pick one of these 3:
10 sec less on the STUN cd
15 sec less on the GRAPPLE CD (nice in huttball)
or 4% more fire dmg
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