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A Practical Guide to Pyro Powertechs

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A Practical Guide to Pyro Powertechs

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07.20.2012 , 07:02 AM | #41
Keep TD its at the top of the Pyrotech damage tree for a reason

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07.25.2012 , 09:06 AM | #42
I'd like to add a tactic that has served me well. Right after TD, use Unload at range until TD times out THEN RS. This serves two purposes. One: it keeps pressure up on say, a healer, knocking his castbar back if he's unshielded; and two: The last tick of Unload is usually what bursts that initial defensive bubble, allowing TD to detonate and deal it's full potential alongside an unhindered RS. Proc RS again off of RP/FB and then Flamethrower to run out the internal cooldown. You will probably weave in a Rapid Shots or two after the initial burst.
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07.26.2012 , 12:46 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Hardcora View Post
Hi Exphryl,
could you please update your Links? Especially the PvE one?

yes! this would be great.

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07.28.2012 , 09:11 AM | #44
Level 35 PT. I PvP a ton when not RPing. Can you explain to me how infrared sensors is better than rapid venting? I use vent heat all the time when off CD, and infrared sensors doesn't look very promising. Anyways, loving the spec/class. My buddy, who's a merc Pyro, teams with me and we ROFLstomp everyone.


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08.27.2012 , 03:46 PM | #45
Don't use Incendiary Missile on all of your target. Especially if u know that the target will be downed less than 7 sec or the target can cleanse your DOT. You will have better heat management.

If healer can cleanse your dots, just use FB since you can re-apply whenever you cast FB.
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08.30.2012 , 10:36 PM | #46
Um hi, I play Lightning Sorcerer and I've yet to be beaten by a Pyro so why put "Bad" against them? lol

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09.26.2012 , 04:25 AM | #47
Thank you so much for this. New to BH and this really helps. Might want to make an abbriviation code thought for true game newcomers, but otherwise it is a great guide.
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10.31.2012 , 08:06 PM | #48
Are any of the Torhead build links working for anybody? None of them work for me.