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Some gripes/opinions about Domination and GSF in general.

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Some gripes/opinions about Domination and GSF in general.

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12.09.2013 , 08:47 PM | #1
I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way about what I'm going to talk about, but I figured I'd post here to see what other people think.

1. Capture zone is too small. Way too small. Why do you have to practically grind your ship against the satellite to initiate a capture? That makes no sense to me because it almost completely negates the point of contesting a satellite to avoid the enemy taking it or to avoid enemy turrets from spawning.

When you're dog fighting in the airspace around a satellite, you should feel like you're defending or attacking the satellite. Unfortunately, that's not the case. When I'm fighting an enemy around a satellite, I feel like I'm just wasting my time instead of doing something productive like working to capture it. It's just not fun when you're fighting to control a satellite and it gets captured when you are quite literally only a few hundred meters away from it. I keep thinking to myself "what's the point of this dog fighting when it has absolutely nothing to do with defending or attacking the nearby satellite?"

The cap zone sizes need to be increased by like 10x-15x to allow all players to actually dogfight within them. This should also apply to the spawning of turrets. I was attacking an enemy satellite in a match the other day and I was, from what I understood, in capture proximity. However, even though I was practically humping the satellite with my ship, an enemy turret spawned up next to me and I had to get out of there quickly. Things like that shouldn't happen if there is even 1 enemy there to contest the satellite.

2. If there is a reason for the capping zones being so small, then I additionally want to point out that capping rates are way to fast. For example, I was defending a satellite I capped in a match earlier. I was flying around under it to keep it under control when I was suddenly locked onto. I did a quick escape to evade the attack but by the time I turned back around, the satellite had already been neutralized. I left it for no more than 2 seconds. How is that possible?

General Galactic Starfighter:
1. When I'm playing GSF I don't really get a sense of what is happening to my ship. I don't know if it's a poorly designed HUD or just me being stupid, but I have a hard time realizing when I'm being shot at, when I'm taking damage and overall what general stuff is going on that I need to know about.

As far as taking damage goes, I wish there was more sound or blaster effects shown to indicate I'm hit. I realize the HUD flashes in the direction of the incoming fire, but honestly most of the time my eyes just don't pick up on it when I'm focused on either trying to evade or take down a target. If they could make loud noises indicating you're hit when those red flashes on your HUD go off, I think I'd get a better feeling for my ship.

Now when it comes to everything else, I tend to have the same problem not seeing what I need to see. I often find myself searching for what I want when it should just be readily picked up by my eyes on the fly. Unless I'm specifically watching my engine power meter, I tend to overlook it when I'm in combat. I think they need to make these meters larger. They also need to better label your abilities. I can't keep track of the icons for all of the ship abilities across 5 different ships... especially when some of the icons are identical. They need to make text labels for each ability and maybe some HUD flash to signify you swapped your weapon/ability and what you've now equipped.

2. Barrel Roll. Is it just me or should you be able to control at least a small bit of your turning when doing a barrel roll? 20% of the time I underestimate the distance I will boost to and end up into a cliff or some other obstacle. And the annoying part is that the obstacles are usually easily avoidable. If there was even a small rate at which I could steer, it would make barrel rolls much more efficient. Because, to be quite honest, the barrel roll is probably my top reason for dying in my GSF career so far.

3. Target indicator. I don't like the color of the target indicator. I find that it blends in with the other indicators and I often lose track of it. It would be nice if it was a different color besides red or green so that it doesn't get mixed in with the other indicators and waste my time when I'm searching my screen for it.

4. When you queue as a group, you and the other people in your group should be lumped into a squad. In addition to that, everyone on your squad should have a different color nameplate from the rest of your team so that they stand out to you. They should also have their own friendly indicators on your HUD to allow you to better orient yourself to their position (basically making it easier to stay together in a group).

Ok, so I know a lot of this sounds like a bunch of noob complaints that deserve "Learn2play" responses. But I honestly think I'm not that bad at GSF as it stands right now. I just find it to be loosing its shine quickly because of stupid little things that happen in matches. It just isn't as fun anymore and I think fixing at least some of the complaints I have would make playing much more enjoyable.