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Fixed thrust settings

Vhaegrant's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 07:56 PM | #1
I've just about got to grips with the other flight controls (mouse direction and keyboard rotation and no joystick support yet, after all everyone has a keyboard and mouse) but for some reason I'm having a hard time to understand why the thrust controls have been set up the way they have.

As it currently stands your ship flys at a fixed rate of about 75% thrust. You can hold down 'W' to get that upto 100% thrust, 'S' to throttle back to 25% or just tap 'X' once to come to a halt, while the 'Spacebar' activates boost (limited by engine power). I don't understand the design implementation behind making the speed control require holding down a button all the time.

Most of the older flight/space sims I played made use of a speed setting you could choose, either across the whole range (0-100%) or discreet steps (0/25/50/75/100% or 0/33/66/100%). This required just two buttons, thrust increase and thrust decrease and you didn't have to leave your finger on it all the time.

The other speed control I have fond memories of in other games was the 'Match speed to target', handy things flight computers

Sangrar's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 08:03 PM | #2
yeah but holding the button down ain't the worst thing in the world though, I mean all you have to do is hold it down, not the end of the world.
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rbl_holmes's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 08:09 PM | #3
I'm not fond of holding down throttle either, yea it's not the end of the world, but it certainly does not help with dexterity if holding a throttle button and having to roll into a turn and activate a couple abilities and also maybe adjust power distribution, or even a target key too... left hand gets one heck of a workout while right hand can be more fluid with mouse and it's measly two buttons.

Vhaegrant's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 08:16 PM | #4
I know it's not the end of the world, but it's not the smoothest of interfaces.
If for no other reason that the 75% idle on my scout seems to be a lot faster than the 75% idle on my striker (getting a little fed up of getting into a good position but overshooting cause the throttle is more of a hindrance than a help)
It also tends to mean a finger is completely lost to throttle control, for constant pressure on the button rather than just the occasional tap.

Soul_of_Flames's Avatar

12.09.2013 , 09:04 PM | #5
Really? I found it to be pretty intuitive. Perhaps it's just how my mind works, but I like the controls a lot.. they just "click" with me. I did, however, have to change the power adjustment keys, but everything else is pretty straight forward, imo.

I don't think I'd be able to play if right if the thrust speed was a toggle. I'd probably find myself either boosting too much or too little and struggling to keep the correct pace that I desire. I like having to hold down the button because I get a better sense of control over my ship that way.