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Ion Cell w/ Tactics

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07.23.2014 , 09:57 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by TheCKiceman View Post
Essentially we would run Zoom_VI's build, but make a few changes. We would put one point into Blaster Augs Tier two. So we would only be wasting one point in Tactics to get the very valuable Shock Absorbers and Reflexive Shield, worth it IMO. In the SS tree we can take the one point out of Neural Overload (because we have a slow with Gut plus Hamstring) and put that one point into Ceramic Plating, for whatever it's worth.

JMagee, we would skip out on any Tactics tree points that would require us to run HEC (there is only one point wasted in the Tactics tree). We do run Ion Cell and we do equip a Shield. As of now I'm trying to gear for Supercommando at 55, but I'm only working on Obroan atm. I will worry about Min/Maxing when I get there and adding Augs when I get the cash. So we're still going to Tank as our main role here. Plus, we do suffer mightily from ammo in this build, but again we're not here to deal damage.

I will say the healing up at the top of the SS tree could make it worth going all the way up to Energy Blast. But that's why we're having this discussion.

I also wonder how much Energy Redoubt absorbs in damage?
Just remember that in PvP, mitigation is mostly useless, so stack dat endurance stat.

As for energy redoubt: Damage absorbed = 324.22 + 0.08526*(aim+cunning) + 0.10353*(power+mainhand/offhand tech power)
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07.24.2014 , 07:15 AM | #12
Tac, thanks for the reply. Exactly my thoughts as well. Although, if you go all supercommando set, won't you have the best endurance possible (beside getting rid of any accuracy modifications and getting Augs)?

So Energy Redoubt is based on your own Aim and Power?