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Ch1 Wrath and Ruin - Defeat the Zakuul Walker

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Ch1 Wrath and Ruin - Defeat the Zakuul Walker

Shayddow's Avatar

01.21.2020 , 07:00 PM | #21
I've found that standing in the voss temple entrance (you can't go in, but there is an archway), helps.
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Szil's Avatar

01.22.2020 , 06:31 PM | #22
I am facing the same problem: stumping generates zero damage and the rockets alone are too weak. Shield lasts for 1 sec only, so before I finish with the first 4 snipers, half of my life is gone.

Support claims the bug was repaired and suggested to reset the mission. That had no effect what so ever, I faced the same thing.