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Lost connect to PTS (public test server) and account page is different

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Lost connect to PTS (public test server) and account page is different

Weildingwelder's Avatar

10.13.2019 , 11:59 AM | #1
I spent a few hours on 10/10/2019 downloading PTS (public test server) game download of 30'ish GB of data. I created a character and transferred a copy of a live game character. As luck would have it my subscription expired shortly after and while I was exploring new material. After realizing what had occurred I renewed my subscription so I could continue my exploration. Now I can't sign into PTS and continue testing. In fact I lost the link to it on my account page. This really bums me out; I was excited to check out the new environment and Character, Inventory window lay outs. Now I just keep getting a connection error has occurred and if it continues to contact customer service.

kcirevamnalyd's Avatar

10.13.2019 , 12:09 PM | #2
Would this happen to have "anything" to do with the fact, that the PTS was taken completely "Offline" at 4pm Central time Friday October 11th, 2019? Just wait the 9-10 days until 6.0 launches like the rest of us.
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