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Class Representatives Are Here!

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Class Representatives Are Here!
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10.01.2013 , 07:30 PM | #351
These were well considered and thoughtful answers. More so than any of the other answers to this point, they gave us a picture into what the devs are thinking through as they make decisions. I am completely surprised, shocked, and very elated. Not at all what I expected, but what I hoped they would be. These are the kind of answers that enable the community to see the classes the way the devs see them. This is how you build confidence in what the devs are doing. We may not agree with the answers but they are far more explanatory and give us a bigger picture of how you all see the past, present, and future. Keep up this level of communication; don't let this be the shining finale. These answers can turn the corner for a lot of people. Capitalize on that and push more communication from the devs about how they are developing our (yours and the community's) game. Not in PR flash, which is fun, but in substantive ways like this. This is the foundation of trust you need to establish in the community to make the game last.