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Which is the easiest Jedi class to finish the game alone?

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Which is the easiest Jedi class to finish the game alone?

Cooperal's Avatar

06.01.2012 , 08:12 PM | #21
I know from being a sentinel that anyone specced as a DPS should be able to easily handle the story on their own. Even some of the easier heroics can be solo'ed.

Tip number one: Stop using Kira if you're a DPS. She is beyond useless when put next to an equally well-geared T7 (and their are even more useful ones later on). T7s damage is still notable and best of all he will pull enough enemies off you competently. Especially helpful against elites and champs. You at least want your companion expending their health pool before your own. If Kira survives, she won't be fighting for your corpse. Ironically that means you'll dish out less damage with a damage dealer. The only advantage of Kira is clearing up the trivial enemies quicker. The ones that die fairly fast anyway.

Tip number two: Orange/purple gear with updated mods is pretty much always the best route. Don't assume you'll luck out and get a surprisingly decent green or blue drop as you progress through levelling. It happens sometimes, but modifiable gear will ultimately come out on top provided you have the resources to keep them up.

Tip number three: Healer units>Weakest units>Strongest units. That is the general rule to keep to if you want to come out best. This way you diminish the use of their health pools first, shortening the length of the fight, then you chip away at their DPS with the weaker (but usually more abundant) units in order to extend your own life, and then you finally take out the biggest enemy while they get as little assistance possible.

Tip number four: Tattooine is about the time you see your new skills and think "wow that's a bit expensive". If their are some abilities that you don't use (and their will be), just don't buy/upgrade them. Guides will tell you the most approriate skills for you. They vary greatly depending on the skill tree you're climbing up.

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06.03.2012 , 06:26 AM | #22
I think the harder bosses are meant for you to do in a group (BioWare encouraging social points). But if you do them when you are over level by a few instead of under level by a few, you should find them easier to do. Also, check the forum for guides. For my Chapter 1 ending boss it helped to read the forums first so I knew the "trick" to beating him. Also, keep your companions geared up. They are actually pretty helpful sometimes.

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06.04.2012 , 08:58 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Pendrych View Post
Actually, typically it's more about using your interrupt consistently and getting the most out of your secondary abilities. Powering through by overleveling and spamming only your core attacks only works for a while.
it's been working fine for me, and I'm almost 50

my hot bar is setup the same way it is for PVP, i've never had an issue with any quest or any boss

haven't used my pve abilities since I started the game, not because they're useless, but I don't feel like throwing moves into my rotation that wont be there forever