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<Solidarity> Republic - Recruiting for United Forces Update!

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<Solidarity> Republic - Recruiting for United Forces Update!

Taroth's Avatar

10.23.2017 , 08:33 AM | #1
Hi everyone! We are excited for United Forces and the server merges and hope that you are as well!
Now is a great time to join a new guild that will remain stable after the merge. <Solidarity> of the Harbinger Server (soon to be the Satele Shan server) is looking to add new members to its Republic guild for jolly cooperation!

We have an experienced leadership team that has gamed together for many years and over the course of several games. One of our officers ran a guild in SWTOR at launch through the end of the Hutt Cartel expansion earning many server first kills in OPS at all difficulties. Some from this group have returned to the game and is starting to push PVE content again. We also have some avid PVPers in the guild if you enjoy that as well. If you are considering a new home for your time in SWTOR, then come talk with us before the merge to secure your spot!

New to SWTOR? No problem! We have a guild bank, stronghold, fleet ship, and our officers all multi-class. We can help you level your character, learn your class, get gear, and learn to compete in ops at a high level. Sick of waiting in group finder for groups? We run content every day with guild members. Experienced MMO guild leadership that understands everyone needs to learn and not everyone needs to be the best in the world. While some members are already in top level gear, we will be running easier ops to help train new members. Get in on the ground level with a fun community of gamers that puts life first, but still clears content.

Guild Perks:
Leadership dedicated to creating a fun atmosphere that promotes learning, clearing content, helping others, and maintaining a fun, laid back atmosphere.
Discord channel and TeamSpeak3 servers.
Line App channels for out of game phone chat.
Website is being redesigned for SWTOR gameplay.
Experienced and helpful members to help you get the most out of your class.
Resources to help you mod and gear better!

Have questions or just want to get to know who we are? You can join our recruitment discord at

Currently Recruiting:
Jedi Guardian Tank - medium
Jedi Guardian DPS - Full
Jedi Sentinel DPS - Low
Jedi Shadow Tank - High
Jedi Shadow DPS - High
Jedi Sage Heal - Medium
Jedi Sage DPS - Low
Scoundrel Heal - High
Scoundrel DPS - High
Gunslinger DPS - Full
Vanguard Tank - High
Vanguard DPS - High
Commando Heal - High
Commando DPS - Low

Please reach out to any of our officers. GM Taroth can be reached in game on the Harbinger at Kyeke, Cimisi, or Temariee. On Discord at Taroth#3791 or on the Line App (its like texting his phone) at sithtaroth.
Raedel can be reached in game at Raedel, discord Kuraba#6989.
Tropgun can be reached in game as Tropgun or on Discord tropdawg#7551.

We are looking forward to the new game updates and to have you join our ranks as we clear new content! Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!