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<The Galactic Republic> Friendly RP/PvP/PVE Community.

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<The Galactic Republic> Friendly RP/PvP/PVE Community.

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05.28.2017 , 01:10 PM | #1
Greetings Begeren Colony!

I bid you a hello and welcome from <The Galactic Republic> | Community of Players

We are an RP focused community, but we don't "solely" focus on RP, and it would be unwise to consider us hardcore RPers. Most of the community is made up of RPers and we are RP friendly. That being said, we don't force people to RP, just highly encourage it. Along with our RP, we also have multiple members and officers that are PvP, and PvE focused. So by joining you can expect not only RP events but PvP matches and Operations. That being said we are currently looking for experienced PvPers and PvEers to fill out our Ranked PvP teams and people to run Hard/Veteran mode Operations. We also focus on conquest and heroics as well.

We are LGBT+ and Veteran friendly and provide an environment where people can express themselves freely without fear.


We have multiple groups that people can be categorized into based on the community’s RP. Even if you are not an RPer, your rank will be based on these RP themes. Each has a leader that you be answering to and are in charge of providing you with things to do. Those leaders and the groups they are in charge of are below.

:The Galactic Senate:
Leader: Praeskiss

The Galactic Senate as it name implies is the political aspect of our community. It is the glue that keeps all other parts of our Republic groups together. Players who desire to dabble in this part of the community will be shown a list of Republic worlds that they may represent within the Senate, which holds weekly RP meetings.

:Republic Military:
Leader: Kreseros

The Republic Military is currently comprised of our standard soldiers divided into squads led by Sergeants. As we grow as a community it will branch out to encompass Special Forces(Think Havoc Squad), Strategic Information Service(SIS), and the Republic Navy.

:The Jedi Order:
Leader: Taralana

The Jedi Order in our community is not so much THE Jedi Order, but an attempt to rebuild what was shattered by the Eternal Empire. In this group you can expect a genuine and immersive training by people who are well versed in the Jedi ways and will come out with a sense of fulfillment that will help you train future Padawans.

:Galactic Privateers:
Leader: Ree’ki

The Galactic Privateers is a loose band of Smugglers, Pirates, and Outlaws given Republic authorization to perform their various services as long as they do not harm Republic interest, and even then they are permitted to ride the line on what that entails. Unlike the other groups, its ranking system works more around reputation. Start off as being called “Rookie” and earn your way up to titles such as “Ace” and “Hotshot”.


Our guild has certain requirements.

You must be over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you must have a parent or guardian confirm that they are okay with you joining a community made primarily of adults.

You must have a Star Wars, RP-styled name even if you are an RPer. So no xPewxPewx or Deeppownage69. This rule may have an exception the PvP or PvE skill of the player is high and the character will be used solely for those aspects of the game. We do ask that if you desire to attend RP events, that you have another character with an appropriate name in the guild to attend with.

You must be open to RP. We don't force RP, but it happens a lot and we encourage it. Anyone caught guilty of trolling or undermining our RPers will face appropriate punishment, but in the act of fairness RPers who undermine PvP or PvE can and will face the same consequences.


While I still have your attention I would like to explain the manner in which one hopes to obtain promotions within the community. After careful consideration, we have come up with the P.I.C System which will be detailed below.

Ensure to take part in guild activities and events. Showing up to events and contributing will impress the person in charge of your promotion. This is not the only way to follow Participation, but it is a good example.

Make an effort to better the guild and improve the community without being told specifically what to do. Good examples would be recruiting for the community, starting random pick up RP with other members currently online, contributing to our collection of lore on our website, and helping PvPers and PvEers practice their rotations and abilities.

Most importantly show that you’re good at these tasks. Eagerness to do well is all fine and dandy, but failure and sloppy management will not be met with a reward.

As a final note on how to progress through the ranks in the community. You are only required to sign up on our website if you desire to get more than one promotion.

The reason for this is because once you reach the second promotion, you are given authority within the guild to manage events and gatherings officially, which requires participation on the website. Those in this rank have the ability to judge whether or not someone gets a promotion from the initial rank to the rank you were just promoted from. Because of the merit-based P.I.C system, every rank has the ability to rank lower ranks up. This is because those who earn these ranks show that trust and responsibility can be placed upon them without fear of things going wrong.

As a final note on this part. Signing up on the website before you get to the point of the requirement is a perfect instance of performing all three points in the P.I.C system.


Still with us? Well, the steps needed to join is to either sign up on the website where everyone will see you and have a chance to invite you or to contact the above-listed leaders.

For more information and to sign up for membership, please follow this link to our website.


As a final note to give hope to the future. Our community is still growing and we hope that you are willing to contribute to that growth. We have plans on starting an Imperial sister guild <The Sith Empire> once the
<The Galactic Republic> is fully operational.