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Superior augments in 6.1+

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Superior augments in 6.1+

DrKrwemill's Avatar

06.29.2020 , 05:54 PM | #1
Hello o/
I am perplexed by the GTN prices so I am wondering If someone can answer me.
I craft Advanced augments (286), grade 11. Today, I had the whole augments list showed on GTN and I stumbled across some old Superior augments MK10 being sold for millions! In fact, the price was like 4-6 mil per piece. When I viewed the stats they were much less than Blue MK-11 augments, which are being sold for a very small fraction of that price.
A guildie approached me with the 242 augments asking how can he upgrade but I dont want to tell him to craft/buy 272 augments without knowing about any hidden quality.
Is it possible that those 242 MK10 augments are useful in some specific location, being it certain ops or PvP? Altho it sounds unlikely to me I dont want to advice him badly, being an Engineering officer

Thank you

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

06.30.2020 , 12:09 AM | #2
The old gold tier augments are largely worthless now. Players can put them up for whatever price they want, but it doesn't mean they're actually worth that. Basically the sellers are dangling overpriced bait hoping for a sucker to bite.

For all level synced content (99% of the pve content) the old tier 10 purples are better than the gold tier 10s since the gold tiers have lower tertiary stats.

For all content the tier 11 purples are currently the best, with the tier 11 blues being almost as good.
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DrKrwemill's Avatar

06.30.2020 , 08:11 AM | #3
Thank you for your reply, I will advise him to go with blue augs MK11