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Best build for leveling-PvE+PvP

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02.01.2013 , 12:54 PM | #1
OK so my Guardian has been a Vig/Defense hybrid since I started. I've noticed a good number of people, both pre-50 and post-50 run as what seems to be a primarily Vig spec. I was wondering the viability of this. I am a guy who does roughly 50/50 with PvE(FPs+World missions+Class missions) and PvP. My current build allows me a good deal of survivability, but taking mobs down takes a bit of time an elite or strong are involved. In PvP, I can survive so long as I'm not being mobbed by the entire enemy team, but can't really solo anyone (which is totally fine, because as a Guardian, that's not what I signed up for! If I did, I'd be a Sentinel, and this post would not exist). I was looking into some Vig specs, and after messing around a bit, I came up with this:

Pure Vig:

How well/much better would this work versus my current spec, which is this:
Vig/Defense Hybrid:

Would like some opinions for any who have tried similar builds (dealing with pure Vigilance) and how well you guys do in PvP and PvE. Also, for end game raids/ranked PvP, do people prefer Tanking Guardians or DPS ones more? I enjoy tanking, but I'd like to get to 50 before I go all out tanking (for group content).
Solo content wise (Planets+Planet Heroics+PvP), would it be better to go for Vig for now (at least till 50) then switch, or just keep what I'm doing now? I've found groups in group finder much easier as a tank, but I think I can manage since I don't do very many FPs.

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